Ankhamen's Exceptional Apparel

[Ankhamen's Exceptional Apparel]
This seems one of the more prosperous shops in Alexandria. Rich, custom-tailored clothes made from pure white linen hang draped over rack and counter. The scent of clean cloth drifts through the air. You also see a low counter.

1   a pure white pleated linen dress                  Price 35        
2   a pure white pleated linen skirt                  Price 5         
3   a pure white pleated linen kilt                   Price 40        
4   a pure white layered linen chiton                 Price 100    

5   a flowing pure white linen cloak                  Price 350       
6   a turban                                          Price 30        
7   a pure white flowing prayer veil                  Price 55

The last two items may be customized with a material.
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