[Antirrhodos, Ptolemaic Boulevard]
Two great sphinx, both with the head of Ptolemy XII upon the body of a great lion, guard the entrance to the grounds of Cleopatra's Palace. A small, well guarded dock to the south is the only means to and from the island by way of Cleopatra's royal barge upon which has been tethered. A large archway opens upon gardens to the east while the main thoroughfare heads north past a large temple to the palace itself.

Antirrhodos is a small island north of Alexandria, just off the coast and east of Pharos, the island upon which sits the Great Lighthouse. Antirrhodos in its entirety has been taken by Cleopatra as her palace. Along with the palace are gardens, servants quarters, temples, services, a military base and even a mausoleum where Cleopatra plans to be buried.

With all of these services available, the island is literally self sustaining, and the only way on or off is by the Royal Barge which docks on the south side. The guard towers are positioned perfectly to keep guard both over the island and over the passage into Alexandria's harbor. Any invaders wishing to take Alexandria by sea must first get past Antirrhodos… and it would be no easy feat.


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