Look, look, why shine
Those floating bubbles with such light divine ?
They break, and from their mist a lily form
Rises from out the wave, in beauty warm.
The wave is by the blue-veined feet scarce press'd.
Her silky ringlets float about her breast,
Veiling its fairly loveliness ; while her eye
Is soft and deep as the blue heaven is high.
The Beautiful is born ; and sea and earth
May well revere the hour of that mysterious birth.

— Shelley

The goddess of love, desire, and beauty. Some say that she rose out of the sea on a cushion of foam when the blood of the wounded Uranus touched the ocean, others claim she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She was carried in a giant scallop shell to the shores of Cyprus where roses bloomed upon her arrival. Doves and sparrows flocked around her and the four seasons greeted her and garbed her in clothing and jewels. Unlike the other gods who have many tasks, Aphrodite's only duty is to be beautiful, which of course she has no equal in. She even refuseds to carry weapons, instead she wears a magic girdle which makes her irresistible to anyone who lays eyes upon her. Also the wife to Hephaestus and the mother of Cupid, she can bathe in the sea and become a virgin again, no matter how many lovers or children she has had.

Aphrodite favors training in Physical Development, but disfavors common Brawling and Mechanical Knowledge. Her symbol is the swan (her tree the myrtle, her birds the dove, swan, and sparrow) and her followers offer her white pearls, mirrors, or valuable hair brushes.

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