Aphrodite's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Aphrodite's Tent]
Long silk scarves of deep purple and pink create delicate scallops around the border of the tent. The fresh scent of sweet lilac rises from the pretty white flowers that pour over their baskets like cascading waterfalls. Tall pale pink marble pedestals hold candles which give light and life to the tent.

A carved ivory chest

  • a pearl studded pouch
  • a bullwhip with a pearl dusted handle
  • a silver chain coif interwoven with a swan design
  • a frilly pink silk dress
  • some dangling seashell earrings
  • a cute pink swan toy
  • a pink pearl swan pin

A carved ivory display case

  • some jeweled pink high heel sandals
  • a perfect white pearl ring
  • a soft pink chiffon dress
  • a pink swan relic pin
  • a gold rope of hearts necklace
  • a pair of tiny swan earrings
  • a solid gold heart shaped locket
  • a pearlescent swan figurine

A carved ivory table

  • an unflawed pearl bracelet
  • a pearly white swan relic pin
  • an Aphrodite doll
  • a string of tiny unflawed pearls
  • a white swan figurine
  • a pearly white swan-decorated backpack
  • a gold and pearl encrusted brush
  • a pair of pink seashell earrings
  • a pink swan-edged backpack
  • a shell relic lip stud
  • a pearly seashell figurine
  • a fuzzy pink feather boa

A carved ivory counter

  • a pair of ivory and pearl sandals
  • a pair of pearl earrings
  • a sea foam embroidered salipazo
  • a silver bodice-armor
  • an ivory swan relic necklace
  • a silver ivory-handled dagger
  • a low-cut strapless ivory dress
  • a sheer silk and lace gown
  • a murky maroon thorned-rose cape
  • a soft-pink crocheted shawl
  • a white ribbon decorated staff
  • a pearly seashell relic pin

A carved ivory showcase

  • a sheer seafoam caparison
  • some soft pink tail rosettes
  • a seafoam silk ribboned cape
  • a sheer pink silk chiton
  • a faux pearl studded gold cincture
  • a pink glazed clam shell strophium
  • a rippling seashell edged headband

A carved ivory display

  • a perfectly round rosy glass globe
  • a simple gold band set with a heart-shaped ruby
  • a token of love
  • a red crystal locket on a delicate gold chain
  • a pink Aphrodite nutcracker
  • a stuffed Aphrodite doll
  • a rose quartz Aphrodite statuette

A wooden horse

  • a cascade of pink and white tail ribbons studded with seed pearls
  • a sheer pink chiffon saddle throw frilled with white lace
  • a delicate silver harness with a golden scallop shell at its center
  • a sheer white caparison etched with tiny hearts and doves
  • a petite silver bridle flanked with a pair of dove wings
  • some silver and gold leather reins inscribed with tiny hearts
  • a swan-shaped ivory white leather saddle set with golden pearls
  • a soft leather bridle with intricate golden links
  • a richly woven cashmere saddle blanket with delicate fringing
  • a leather side-saddle covered with fine golden cloth and small diamonds

A carved ivory trunk

  • a carved abalone brush
  • a ruby relic lip stud
  • a delicate ruby heart pendant cradled in silver scrollwork
  • a pair of delicate red lace fingerless gloves
  • a pair of tight red leather gloves
  • a soft red satin and silver anklet
  • an embroidered white long-sleeved tunic with a split front
  • a tight red ruched satin bodice with white ribbon ties

A carved ivory fishtank

  • a mother of pearl sculpture of Aphrodite rising from a scalloped seashell

A carved ivory shelf

  • a carved cypress harp with ivory inlay and blue star sapphire gems
  • a sheer crimson chiffon dress with an elaborate rose brocade fitted bust
  • a pair of skin tight midnight black leather pants
  • a white oak steel-bladed spear inlaid with colorful coral
  • a pink leather chariot jacket
  • a pink lace and pearl hairband
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