Aphrodite's of Delphi

[Aphrodite's of Delphi]
A small counter at the back of the store is nearly lost in a forest of elegant silk and satin spotted with glittering displays of jewelry and shimmering bottles of bath oil. It seems you can't even turn around without another sexy little number staring at you with unabashed hauteur from its hook on a rack. Blush inducing mannequins model some of the skimpy outfits — and if it has that effect hung on a lump of marble, well then there's no telling what may happen when it's garnished upon the real McCoy.

1   a pair of pink silk pajama bottoms                Price 1350      
2   a sheer pink silk jacket                          Price 3000      
3   a floor-length pink silk nightgown                Price 2750      
4   a wispy pink silk nightshirt                      Price 1500      
5   a pair of sheer pink silk stockings               Price 1800        
6   a tight pink whalebone corset                     Price 750       
7   a short pink silk chemise                         Price 1800      
8   a form-fitting silk rose body-stocking            Price 3500      
9   a dainty pink silk camisole                       Price 1550      
10  a sheer pink silk dressing robe                   Price 2500      
11  a delicate pink lace jacket                       Price 465       
12  a vial of Helios' Delight perfume                 Price 50        

13  a thin lace and black silk nightgown              Price 2750      
14  a pair of black fishnet stockings                 Price 3000         
15  a red-rose accented black corset                  Price 750       
16  a short black silk chemise                        Price 1800      
17  a rose-edged black silk body-stocking             Price 3500      
18  a flimsy black silk camisole                      Price 1550
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