Apollo's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Apollo's Tent]
Standing in the middle of the tent is a magnificent wooden lyre. Blue and gold flags dangle gracefully from the upper edge of the tent, each displaying a different musical instrument. A large painted tapestry hangs across the back wall. Near the entrance of the tent stands a marble statue of Apollo.

A blue and gold chest

  • an apollo-shaped statue
  • a gold sun medallion
  • some golden knee-high boots embossed at the top with tiny suns
  • a silver cuirass inlaid with gold crossed arrows
  • a morning star set with yellow sapphire suns,
  • a crown of gilded laurel leaves and a gold arrow-shaped labret

A blue and gold display case

  • a jeweled golden lyre pin
  • a golden lyre relic necklace
  • a golden sun symbol
  • a python embroidered satchel
  • some weaved gold threaded legwraps
  • a silvery python shaped ring
  • a sapphire bangle bracelet,
  • a golden tipped laurel longbow
  • a thin gold twist band

A blue and gold table

  • a golden chariot relic pin
  • a golden backless dress
  • a yellow and blue sapphire ferrionere
  • a blue sunstreaked tailwrap
  • a yellow sapphire sun pendant
  • a blue and gold sun-embroidered robe
  • a blue sunburst thigh pouch
  • an ornamental ambrosia goblet
  • a bronzed solar relic pendant
  • a sun embroidered cloak
  • a gold sunburst nose stud

A blue and gold counter

  • a blue and gold shoulder sheath
  • a blue and gold sunburst cuirass
  • a blue and gold fishing hat
  • a gold sun relic ring, a sapphire hat pin
  • a sapphire encrusted longbow
  • a gold sunburst cloak
  • a sun-embossed hoplon
  • a chariot embroidered tunic

A blue and gold showcase

  • a pair of gold-studded vambraces
  • a gold-studded leather belly-band
  • a golden arrow trimmed caparison
  • a silken sun-emblazoned birrus
  • a gleaming golden Helios diadem
  • a pair of gilded leather socci
  • a bronze sunburst pectoral

A blue and gold display

  • a bright gold-veined globe
  • a strappy wrapped yellow sundress with white frills at the neck and hem
  • a miniature gold lyre pendant
  • a sturdy black instrument case with silver clasps
  • a sleek laurelwood lyre with a sunburst carved soundboard
  • an Apollo statuette
  • a yellow Apollo nutcracker
  • a stuffed Apollo doll

A wooden horse

  • a cascade of bright golden tail ribbons hung with tiny suns
  • a sky blue saddle blanket featuring a blazing golden sun
  • a delicate golden harness with a music staff symbol at its center
  • a snake skin girth wrapped to resemble the massive Python
  • a fancy golden bridle shaped like a curved lyre
  • some dyed leather reins inscribed with golden sunbursts
  • a golden saddle embossed with music notes dancing among clouds
  • a dark caparison of simple layered wool cloth with a small flap on one side
  • a woven bridle of softest cotton reinforced with steelsilk threads

A blue and gold trunk

  • some fitted dark blue pants with gold embroidery along the cuffs
  • some gold-gilt leather vambraces, a muscled leather cuirass with gold accents
  • a gleaming sunstone disc suspended on a fine golden chain
  • some tanned leather knee-high boots with gold accents
  • an elegant high-collared royal blue overcoat with filigree gold buttons
  • a loosely-laced royal blue tunic with golden accents
  • a polished laurel longbow inlaid with gleaming sapphires

A blue and gold fishtank

  • a youthful Apollo stone sculpture

a blue and gold shelf

  • a gold-thread embroidered scarlet silk hip scarf with dangling coins
  • a gold satin vest open at the chest and decorated with stylized sunbursts
  • a white gold symbol of Hippocrates pin adorned with rubies
  • a steel-capped blackwood longbow, a dark blue leather chariot jacket
  • a gold twisted python armlet.
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