April 2001

April 20 - Twanky Talk revealed quite a few tidbits to us. For estate members there will be an upcoming quest that I believe has something to do with Alti, but you must be an estate member to participate. Also, there will be curling and straightening tools released in the future to allow us more features for our hair. Crystala has apparently upped and left Mumsy's (her mom's) home after an attempted engagement to a rich Alexandrian.

April 19 - Well, Discord has been around insisting that we get the lyre for her from Timalcus. The Lyre is rumored to be the Lyre of Terpischore. (It was mentioned in the Season Five Episode of Xena "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on fire", For those of you who saw it.) As to the question of what does it do, the answer is….squat as far as anyone knows. (At least in the show, who knows what it does in the game. In the show its just Terpie's way of spreading the music.)

About an hour after Discord commanded us to get the lyre, we heard Timalcus's thoughts on the socra net, claiming he was in a temple in the middle of the swamp.It turned out he was in the Shrine to Msyemone in the middle of the swamp that serves as the back way into Hades.

Timalcus apparently lost the Lyre when he was killed the other night up in either Macedonia or Thrace. He described the men as all having purple armbands, and the man who killed him as dark, with a scar on his face, and his hair fanned up above his head like a peacocks. It appears we are dealing with the warlord Draco. (Featured in the Xena episodes: Sins of the Past, Comedy of Eros, and Lyre, Lyre Hearts on fire)

(Turns out he must have bee Drakontas. -Ed.)

For those of you who don't know, Draco is the toughest warlord there is. Timalcus was safely taken to the Docks to Alexandria, where he hopped the Olympias after telling us he was gonna be an honest tradesmen because he couldn't even scare people anymore. Discord had been chasing the group of Athenians all the way to the docks, and caught up with us right after Timalcus boarded the boat. She tossed a fireball, causing the ship to lurch to one side, but Timalcus managed to escape with his life. Discord doesn't believe that Timalcus doesn't have the lyre, and informed us that she was 'disappointed' in us. Keep your eyes out.

April 17 - Okay, First of all, a new hunting ground has been opened under Dionysus's shrine in Tiamat. Frenzied maenads can be found there, but you may have to search around a bit to find the area.

There was an invasion of doom bunnies and gigantic tutu wearing bunnies the other night. Apparently an invasion of eggs followed it. Two Athenian women,Who shall remain nameless,were blamed for killing a pirate's first mate in Midgard last night. Two drunken pirates attacked, follow by the Pirate himself. The Pirate, named Camius, showed up at the gate, demanding that the Athenians hand over these two women. It seems that they stumbled across the body of the first mate (named Rafe) right before Camius came in, and he believed them to be the murderers. They claimed innocence, and managed to convince Camius that they knew nothing about the death of Rafe. Camius left, calling for his crew of pirates who promptly attacked.

April 15 - Now, I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know what has happened in the past week, but you may end up getting another e-mail tomorrow morning because things always happen right after I send the news out ::clears her throat::.

The beloved (Or so I've been told to say) Goddess of Chaos is back and already causing trouble. Discord seemed fired up to see us, zapping several Athenians in her glee. Keep a lookout, Where Discord is, mayhem is never far behind.

The king of thieves has also been around alot lately, managing to keep out of sight of the guards. Kleftis was altering in front of her tent on South Kronus this afternoon, first piercing and then spinning the bottle to see who gets a jewelry alteration. Clayborne's Cute n' Cuddly n' Sickeningly Sweet Shop can be found South of the Peiraic Gate.

April 10 - The following news comes to us courtesy of Katie: STYLE is now out for premium members. You can now change your hairstyle! Woohoo! It should be coming out for non-premiums soon. Everyone can now USE their BRUSH or COMB on your hair now. Twylight also said to keep watching cause they aren't done with hair stuff yet.

Also stuff is happening! (Please fill in my blanks if you know them, and correct me where I am wrong) I forget how exactly because I wasn't there but a woman was murdered at the Eye of Hades! She (as well as her still alive sister) were urchins, and probably picked the wrong two men to target as possible pockets to pick.

A group of adventurers ran to Eleusis to try and gather some information from the locals. Jezra, the lore trainer, told us a bit of info about the girls (being urchins and such) and that we might find the other sister at the beach. Which beach?? So we went searching for the other sister and eventually got back to the Eye of Hades. A voice started speaking to me…

A soft voice pleads with you, "find my sister, please. Save her."
The pleading voice continues, "I can no longer help her. I am no longer of this world. Please! Find her, save her!"
The voice grows fainter, "please! You must stop them! The Eye is a fate my sister must not meet!"
The voice, barely audible pleads to you, "please, please find her. Please. She'll be hiding, so very very frightened. Tell her….tell her that I… "
The quiet stillness of the air about you is filled with a sad emptiness.

And then she was gone. We continued our search of this mysterious girl and ended up talking to Shadius, the stealth trainer in Athens. He was very suspicious of us because two men had asked him about urchins earlier in the day. He told us that the girl was one of his best students. He also told us she was safe for now.

Llorien saw something slip in behind Shadius and he grinned and said "I told you she was good." But he wouldn't tell us anything more and we all went our separate ways. Keep your eye out for this girl or two hooded men!

April 8 - As Katie mentioned, Bashing is now in place. Socra stones can now apparently be heard from Alexandria and Midgard. Check News 40 for more details.
Autolycus has been seen around this week being his usual thieving self. Ares also came down from Mt. Olympus last night to pester the Athenians and admire the female warriors.

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