Areus' Arms

[Areus' Arms]
A large forge and anvil dominate this small shop. Weapons are heated, shaped and tempered before your very eyes. A makeshift counter stretches across one end of the shop, with various implements of destruction strewn on it.

1   an ornate gladius                                 Price 45        
2   a simple dagger                                   Price 20        
3   a short sword                                     Price 35        
4   a wide-bladed spear                               Price 22        
5   a long trident                                    Price 47        
6   a  javelin                                        Price 16        
7   an oaken staff                                    Price 13        
8   a sturdy club                                     Price 8         
9   a wavy-edged greatsword                           Price 59        

10  an iron greatsword                                Price 4400
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