Argyria's Gems And Jewels

[Argyria's Gems and Jewels]
As glittery as the exterior, the walls glisten faintly in the gleam of olive oil lamps. Long necklaces, their gold and silver threads winking delightfully, hang from pegs far behind the carved display counter. A polished bronze mirror on a pedestal allows purchasers to see the reflection of their glorious new purchases. You also see Argyria the shopkeeper.

1   a thin circlet                                    Price 10
2   an earring                                        Price 20
3   a pair of earrings                                Price 25
4   a slender pendant                                 Price 22
5   a silver coiled snake bracelet                    Price 35
6   an engagement ring                                Price 20
7   a wedding band                                    Price 23
8   a ring                                            Price 8
9   a dove-shaped pin                                 Price 10
10  a raven-shaped pin                                Price 10
11  a crescent-shaped pin                             Price 10
12  an owl-shaped pin                                 Price 10
13  a dolphin-shaped pin                              Price 10
14  a tortoise-shaped pin                             Price 10
15  a swan-shaped pin                                 Price 10
16  an intricate silver knot pendant                  Price 31
17  a silver-link anklet                              Price 29
18  a pair of ivory bangle bracelets                  Price 25
19  a friendship ring                                 Price 12

1   a diamond ring                                    Price 7600
2   a ruby necklace                                   Price 6800
3   an emerald bracelet                               Price 4300

Several items in this merchant may be customized with a color, but not the backroom items.
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