Then, as the full orb poised upon the peak,
There came a lovely vision of a maid,
Who seemed to step as from a golden car
Out of the low-hung moon.

-Lewis Morris

Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and a Titaness named Leto, is the goddess of the hunt and wildlife and patron goddess to the amazons. She is the huntsman of the gods and protector of the young, along with being a virgin and thusly the goddess of chastity. Just minutes after her own birth she aided in the birth of her twin brother Apollo and because of this she now presides over all childbirth. She is a deadly archer and quick to strike down humans who offend here with her silver arrows. She likes to travel with Apollo and is often equated with the goddess Selene, who brings the moon across the night skies in a chariot drawn by silver stags.

Artemis favors training in Weapons, Acrobatics, Rituals, and Arcane Knowledge. She disfavors training in Mechanical Knowledge. Her symbol is the crescent moon (her tree is the cypress and all animals are sacred to her, but especially the deer) and her followers offer amethysts, moon medallions, or daggers to her.

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