Artemis' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Artemis' Tent]
Shimmering white tapestries, edged in green, adorn the insides of the tent. Fine pottery is displayed throughout the tent, depict hunting scenes and gardens under a full moon. A small, round altar to Artemis is set in the middle of the tent.
A purple and silver chest

a leather headband with a single moon-shaped amethyst in the center

  • some amethyst studded moon-etched bracers
  • a silk robe bearing the image of a stag under a full moon
  • a silver chain bearing an amethyst stag-shaped pendant
  • an amethyst dagger earring
  • a fringed doeskin pack adorned with tiny amethyst daggers
  • a longbow adorned with moon-shaped amethysts

A purple and silver display case

  • a tan leather-edged tunic
  • a moon embroidered blouse
  • a pair of soft knee-high boots
  • a long olive green skirt
  • some deep brown leather pants
  • a pair of fancy silver sandals
  • an amethyst adorned ritual robe

A purple and silver table

  • a purple moonstone-edged anirkal
  • a moonstone and amethyst relic pendant
  • a crescent moon midwifery satchel
  • a doe-etched long stave bow
  • a moonstone and silver belly chain
  • a triple moon ebony-handled dagger
  • a silver moon-etched helm
  • a moonstone lunar phase necklace
  • a crescent embroidered robe
  • an amethyst arrow nose stud
  • some shooting star relic earrings

A purple and silver counter

  • a sleek huntress figurine
  • some supple deerskin leggings
  • a bundle of moon-etched darts
  • a slender moonstone choker
  • a fringed deerskin tunic
  • a thick deerskin dart pouch
  • a moon embossed deerskin sack
  • a silver crescent moon mask
  • a moon-clasped star scattered cloak
  • a silver-chased cypress bow

A purple and silver rack

  • a star speckled midnight black caparison
  • some deerskin hunting leathers
  • an amethyst inlaid silver lunula
  • some silver crescent-shaped horseshoes
  • a visored silver crescent helm
  • some ankle-high buckskin hiking boots
  • a wolf and moon carved bowcase

A purple and silver display

  • a moonstone-veined globe
  • a front-laced jade bodice with a forest green underlining
  • a midnight blue Artemis nutcracker
  • a sable and forest green huntsman's tunic
  • a white ash longbow adorned with black feathers
  • a stuffed Artemis doll
  • a grey marble Artemis statuette
  • a curved silver scimitar with a moonstone set into the hilt

A wooden horse

  • a cascade of shimmering silver tail ribbons dangled with tiny stars
  • a light leather harness with a silver crescent moon at its center
  • a woven forest green saddle blanket edged in thick sable fur
  • a midnight blue caparison strewn with sparkling stars
  • a twilight blue woven girth speckled with a dusting of silver
  • some thin leather reins embossed with silvery moons and stars
  • a light leather hunting saddle embossed with stars and moons
  • a scarlet leather bridle adorned with golden braiding
  • a thick black saddle blanket made of sturdy leather
  • a battered leather saddle spotted with bloodstains

A purple and silver trunk

  • a silver knotwork tongue stud set with a gleaming moonstone
  • a triple-panelled heavy leather hunting skirt
  • a sturdy burnt leather belt case
  • a crescent moon amethyst lip ring
  • an inlaid iron dagger with a wicked curving blade
  • a satin amethyst ribbon and moonstone choker

A purple and silver fishtank

  • a tourmaline sculpture of Artemis petting a stag
  • a moonstone sculpture of a hunting Artemis

A purple and silver shelf

  • a curved archery thumb ring of polished elk antler
  • a light silver dress with a corseted bodice and off-the-shoulder sleeves
  • a thin and lightweight leather archers bracer
  • a close-fitting dark green leather shirt with drawn sleeves
  • a carved satinwood and marquetry thigh quiver
  • a reinforced hunting bow constructed from heavy yew with steel endcaps
  • a navy blue leather chariot vest
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