Artopoieio's Patisserie

[Roman Agora]
Lack of space for shops along the stoa itself hasn't stopped a few intrepid entrepeneurs from setting up shop in the dirt alongside the road opposite of the large building. While not exactly legal seeing as how they don't pay rent, their stands aren't exactly permanent either. It is not uncommon to make your way down the street while shopping and encounter the same merchant two or three times in separate locations along the road. You also see Artopoieio, a large display case, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Artopoieio's Patisserie!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a slice of brandy-soaked vasilopita
      2         5    a plate of pink frosted kourambiedes
      3         6    a plate of honey-dipped melomakarona
      4         7    a slice of sticky orange ravani
      5         4    some fried honey-dipped theepless
      6         5    a syrup-soaked piece of rich baklava
      7         4    a slice of buttered honey tsoureki
      8         4    a slice of buttered sugar tsoureki
      9         9    a steaming bowl of moustalevria
     10         4    a cup of black coffee
     11         6    a mug of almond cream coffee
     12         8    a steaming cup of cafe Alexander
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