Asphodel Meadows

[Underworld, Asphodel Meadows]
People wander through the field, singly or in small groups. They seem to have no path, no destination to draw them as they stumble over the ground, faces set in emotionless expressions. Their voices are hushed when the infrequent word is spoken, toneless and grey as the flowers on the ground.

The Asphodel Fields are the first region of Hades (Erebus) and is seen in the Odyssey. This is a place where shades of heroes wander lost forever with lesser spirits twittering around them like bats. It is said that libations of blood in the human world could reawaken them for a time. This area isn't really one of punishment for the dead, but the meaningless existance they lead could be thought of as torture by some.

The spirits that dwell in the fields have no memories of their former lives, having drank from the River Lethe, the stream of forgetfulness. After drinking from the river, not only do they lose any memory of the past, but they become beings who live only in the present… forgetting anything that may have happened just moments earlier.

Our Asphodel Fields are accessed by falling into the River Lethe. When you struggle to the shore you have, of course, lost your memories and you must recover them before Charon will allow you passage to the Erebus Caves and your eventual way back to life. Your memories reside within the fields in the form of an orb, the pieces of which being scattered with various puzzles to be solved in order to retrieve them.

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