Athena's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Athena's Tent]
The interior of this tent is spotless. A lingering smell of books is present. Perched upon a plank high above the floor is a lone owl, which seems to be watching the goings on very carefully. A statue of Athena has been erected before you. The steel grey eyes of the statue seem to peer straight into your soul as you make your way through the tent.

An olive wood chest

  • a white silk shirt embroidered with a silver owl
  • an oaken quarterstaff engraved with white hunting owls
  • a silver owl feather relic ring
  • a silver olive branch adorned with gold and gems
  • some etched silver bodice armor cast with golden owl feathers
  • a silver mirror imprinted with golden owl feathers
  • some boots covered in owl feathers

An olive wood display case

  • a soft grey owl symbol
  • a feathered owl relic necklace
  • a grey owl feather-trimmed robe
  • a pair of grey feathery owl earrings
  • a crested bronze great helm
  • an owl-engraved grey leather belt

An olive wood table

  • a pair of lapis-studded gauntlets
  • a lapis-eyed owl relic torc
  • a silver-chased owl-capped staff
  • some owl-etched dark iron arm greaves
  • a white lapis-adorned tunic
  • an onyx and lapis hairnet
  • a grey owl-embroidered ippokal
  • a pair of malachite owl earrings
  • a caduceus bronze eyebrow stud
  • a grey lapis-dusted robe

An olive wood counter

  • a pair of owl etched boots
  • a detailed silver Athena intaglio
  • an iron owl relic anklet
  • a grey owl embossed book
  • an owl-engraved silver spear
  • a grey owl-adorned hat
  • an owl feather trimmed dolk
  • a silver lapis-adorned belt
  • a malachite owl relic pin
  • a silvery grey owl-stitched dress
  • a lapis-lazuli swooping owl symbol

A silver and glass owl-topped Athena showcase

  • a golden owl's head helm
  • some owl wing etched iron vambraces
  • an owl-stitched leather cuirass,
  • some feathered leather legwraps
  • an oiled olive green equine harness
  • a gold intaglio Nike ring
  • some owl wing etched iron leg guards

An olive wood display

  • a Hephaestean steel buckler painted with the head of a gorgon
  • a Hephaestean steel reinforced goat skin breastplate
  • a silver-hilted Hephaestean longsword
  • a stately bronzed globe
  • a golden Athena nutcracker
  • a stuffed Athena doll
  • an ivory Athena statuette

A wooden horse

  • a thick wool saddle blanket depicting scenes of strategic battles
  • a heavy cotton caparison with a faux gold aegis hanging at its front
  • a wide leather girth embossed with scenes of Odysseus and Jason
  • a heavy battle saddle embossed with the seal of Nike in gold
  • a thick leather harness with beaten gorgon shield at its center
  • a fancy golden bridle flanked with outspread pure white owl wings
  • some woven leather reins crafted from tiny realistic leather snakes
  • a grey cashmere saddle blanket lined with red silk
  • a grey leather saddle with an ornate cantle and horn
  • a simple grey cotton bridle adorned with aegis stamps

An olive wood trunk

  • an elegant gray top hat with a black satin ribbon
  • some beautifully ornate silver detailed leg greaves
  • an aegis replica goat skin breastplate
  • a short silver-plated paneled leather skirt
  • a bronzed Athens insignia pin
  • a leather-bound strategy book
  • a long steel-tipped war lance
  • an elegant black top hat with a gray satin ribbon

An olive wood fishtank

  • a marble Athena sculpture in full battle stance
  • an olive tree with perched owl malachite sculpture

An olive wood shelf

  • an aged copper wire and malachite wristcuff
  • a wooden bead and diamond wrap bracelet
  • a flowing white and blue silk dress with a heavy bronze corset top
  • a twisting laurel leaf and malachite stem goblet
  • some carved leather bracers with beveled detailing
  • a golden leather chariot jacket
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