[Athens, Elysian Plaza]
The beautiful homes and shops of northeastern Athens, their red clay tile roofs gleaming in the sun, lay below this broad plaza. Stands of olive trees line the hill to the south, overlooking the Academy and bordering the mall to the southwest. Laughter drifts up the hillside, as a group of young people harvest the ripe olives under the watchful eye of an old farmer.

Athens is the largest city in the known world of AoH and is your starting point when joining the adventure for the first time. The city is so large, in fact, that it has been divided into four different quadrants around a central area known as Metis Circle. This allows for more easily locating shops and gates (ie. the weapon shop in the SE Quad). You begin just north of the Peiraic Gate in the NW Quad in an area known as the Mentor Garden. Maps of these areas may be found at the end of this article.

Popular Hangouts
You will usually find the bulk of the activity in Athens around the Peiraic Gate. This is where people come to socialize between hunts and is well known for its many "gate sitters" who seem to never leave. It is also the site of Sid's Bar, an establishment that has seen its fair share of drama over the years (most due to Sid himself), that one can only blame on its location.

You will find that this concentration of people also tends to spark the GMs into throwing much of the action around and about this gate. Most visitors to town will pass through the portal at one point or another, and it seems that all attacking forces (no matter where they may originate) end up focussing on this one gate.

Related Areas

Peiraic Gate (West Gate) leads to North Attica Road and Eleusis
Archarnian Gate (North Gate) leads to Ixion Plains and Tiamat
Diochares Gate (East Gate) leads to Eastern Foothills
Halade Gate (South Gate) leads to Coastal Road, Piraeus and Anavyssos


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