[Atlantis, Plaza]
A warm, almost sauna like, atmosphere hangs over this section of the plaza. In the center of the walkway, wide benches surround a well-groomed tropical flowerbed. Eye-catching in black, the marble benches invite strollers to sit and watch children at play to the northwest, or waders in the unique fountain to the west.

It is said when the gods took up residence in the world, they each took up different lots of land for each to own. Atlantis was the island which was given to Poseidon, much to his liking, and he found love there in the form of a native woman who bore him five pairs of male twins. The island was very mountainous to the north and around the coast, but had an oval shaped valley along the south. This is where Poseidon protected his love by turning the island into a palace.

First he took the valley and carved into it three circular moats, one within the other in increasing width with land between in varying size. The people of Atlantis built bridges across these channels and each was set with gates and towers and a wall was built around each ring. It is thought that the Atlanteans had a perfect society but they did seem to be a warlike people, conquering much of the Mediterranean nearly as far as Egypt. Athens soon led a strike against Atlantis, freeing the occupied islands. The next day Atlantis was ravaged by earthquakes and floods and disappeared into the depths of the sea.

Our Atlantis survives on the ocean floor, perhaps due to Poseidon's love for its people. It seems we only have access to a very small part of the city as it is almost used mostly as a waystation for the premium transportation system. This area is premium only and is only accessible by those customers.

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