Atlantis Deli

[Atlantis, Deli]
A small eatery is set up in this corner of the Plaza. Several tables stand along a half wall that marks the boundary of the little deli. The coral path that leads into the area from the rest of the Plaza, briefly widens into a checker board pattern as it weaves through. The scent of fresh baked bread mingles with the tang of salt and other less identifiable aromas. You also see Pelagus, a hand-written sign, a deli counter and a deli menu.

     Welcome to Atlantis Deli!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        10    a Narwhall
      2        10    a Meladone
      3        10    a lighthouse lager
      4        15    a snifter of mermaid's mist
      5         5    a Poseidon pop
      6        10    a mug of breakers beer
      7        15    a glass of shipwreck red
      8        25    a serpent sizzle
      9        15    a Sera
     10        15    a Tanjore
     11        15    a Zaria
     12        10    a Walli
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