Attadistus' Arms And Accessories

[Attadistus' Arms and Accessories]
Quivers, replacement strings, tips, and fletching vie for space on low shelving along the edges of this space. Attadistus, the tall and lanky merchant, flits from patron to patron, remarking upon the qualities of his wares. He never seems to stray far, however, from a glass case within which a variety of knives and missile weapons are displayed.

1   a large bow case                                  Price 32        
2   a small bow case                                  Price 16        
3   a belt quiver                                     Price 8         
4   a thigh quiver                                    Price 8         
5   a shoulder quiver                                 Price 8         
6   a silver throwing knife                           Price 600       
7   a throwing dagger                                 Price 27        
8   a silver throwing dagger                          Price 540       
9   a throwing knife                                  Price 30        

10  an iron throwing knife                            Price 2400      
11  an iron throwing dagger                           Price 2160

All items may be customized with a color or a material.
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