Attica is the eastern central region of Greece centering on Athens and consisting of other territories such as Eleusis, Piraeus and Marathon. The Aegaen Sea borders this area of Greece on both the south and the east, making it a popular area for maritime trade and activities. Other areas contained within Attica but not yet a part of the AoH world are Megara and Larium along with the islands of Salamis, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Kythira, and Antikythira.

The land is actually a peninsula divided into three plains (Pedia, Mesogeia and Thriasia) by several mountain ranges. Attica's largest lake is Lake Marathon which lies directly north of the town of Marathon which is northeast of Athens. Its longest river is the Cephisus River.

Attica is bordered on the west by Corinth and to the north by Boeotia. Mostly forested, the mountains provide some grassy plains and barren areas.

Attica is a Mediteranean territory and thusly experiences weather that fits this mold, including hot, dry summers and mild winters with little rainfall. The mountains do experience bouts of rare snowfall during the winter, but this doesn't usually affect lower lying areas.

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