August 1998

August 29 - Well, Fox showed up again today…seemingly her old self, we still haven't cured her all the way though. She set up her infamous shell game again, but she made it a little easier to "win" this time, if you can call what happened winning. Prizes were dependent on how many times you chose the right shell, a wooden cube for none correct, a metalic pyramid for 1, glass bauble for 2, and a crystalline sphere for 3. A while after she left the prizes apparently began to explode releasing poisonous gas or turning into various deadly creatures. After the creatures were disposed of they turned into harmless? marbles. I guess time will tell what further harm Fox's little game will bring to us.

August 28 - Early this morning the wild-eyed alchemist showed up, again it seems, and began cackling and throwing vials at us, babbling about test subjects and guinea pigs the entire time. As she was running around throwing things at us, making vines sprout from the ground and drag us down and bee swarms that insistently stung us, Mox managed to dispatch of her. She left behind a few vials and things for us to play with, although it didn't seem she did it too willingly since she was killed in the process.

We also have a few new shops, so since I'm waiting for them all to sprout up before I go through the laborious task of updating my maps, here's a list of them along with where they are and what kind of things they sell.

August 22 - Collin also attacked us tonight, without his lovable nephew Borris. It was the same old Collin up to his same old tricks as he sent wave after wave of his soldiers in their "wholesale armor" after us at the North Gates. While I couldn't get Collin to sing us another of his delightful songs again, I did manage to get a dance or two out of him, hehe. Oh yeah, by the way, I'm back! Woohoo! (for the time being at least)

Seems Fox showed up this morning after Gimli felt her presence along with a searing pain in his neck, the very spot where he says the bacchae bit him during their invasion on Athens a few weeks ago. She seemed her old self, more thanks to the vial than anything, but she slipped in and out of it, the vial looks to be wearing off. So I suppose we don't have much time left before we have to find Orpheus and get that lyre to save her or Fox may be lost to us forever.

August 20 - Well, Rampion and I came back just in time to see one of Athens greatest alchemists go on vacation for good as he put it. Entropy left us tonight, he came and told a few of us quick farewells during the house meeting at the estate saying he didn't want to make too big of a fuss. We'll miss you Entropy! You better come back and visit us one day so you can hear your song (after I have it written that is, hehe).

August 17 - 19 - And guess who's back…Nope, not me yet, it's Rampion!! Seems a faun or two caught his eye and he drug himself back from Egypt, I think he just missed all of us, hehe. And with Rampion back so are The Pharos of Alexandria! The original, and best in my opinion, Athenian events page is back online and keeping everyone up to date once again. I've been having fun playing reporter so I might keep it up too, we'll see what happens. Welcome back Rampion!

Sorry, my days are starting to run together and I'm not quite sure what happened when, so I'll just bunch it all together. We had yet another alterer visit us as Raven was in town making beautiful rings for folks. Not only that, but we have a new tavern! Nothing better than a new place to go drink, even if you do have to fend off wild boars to get there, it's worth it for a good ale. And houses were opened early! Hercules and Xena was the first out there to have houses up and running, these folks are doing a great job at actually meeting the deadlines they set. Keep up the good work! Be sure to tell them how good a job they're doing! moc.scinortumis|semoh-xh#moc.scinortumis|semoh-xh

August 15 - Should have known as soon as my access got restricted that everything would begin to happen, but enough of my whining. Fedmire was fished from his watery prison by Autolycus tonight, and what should happen to be in that chest of his except the centaur's stolen amphora. Well, happy to have their amphora back, Oattor and Equinicus high-tailed it back to their village, half of Athens of course trailing behind them. On the way, the party was confronted by Borris who was easily fooled with a fake amphora and sent on his way. Fedmire, true to his word, quickly set up shop selling all sorts of fish and non-fish related merchandise as well as doing some alterations. And not only was Fedmire set up for alterations, but Suede was also doing piercings in Anavysso, the centaur village.

August 14 - Early this morning a town crier came running through town with a rather strange announcement: "Perizada is lost! Reward offered for anyone who can find her. Last seen entering an establishment for the refreshment of refined tastebuds." Well, it seems that she was found a mere ten minutes later since another runner came through town crying "Lucky Phryxus found Perizada snoring at a table in the Olympian Dianthe!" Apparently she was roaring drunk and began trying to set Phryxus up with one of her daughters. The reward she gave him was a pair of blue balloons she claims she rescued from a city Southeast of Athens that was being ravaged by mongols.

No sooner had Perizada left than Fedmire shows up, still stuck in the well. Seems, he too, was roaring drunk and was singing raucous songs about drinking and women, I must say he is a much better bard than Collin. When asked where his captor, the fin-headed thing, was, he replied, "OO finhead my bestest friend. Where did he go too?" Shortly thereafter he started babbling about a lady in white coming to him wanting him to follow her to a cart full of wine or some such and something about wanting to be a sailor, and left. After Fedmire left, a pretty blue bird flew past and dropped us a note which read "Ahem. ..will return in 2 days Fedmire."

August 13 - Early, early this morning Collin invaded Athens once again at the Peiraic Gate with ruffians, raiders, and soldiers. Collin even sang us a song, seems he's as bad at singing as he is at conquering. After the battle Collin gave his bumbling nephew Borris a whipping backhand and began to berate him for getting his best information gatherer, Oneeye, killed. After their bumbling argument and Borris' flirting with Agrimony, they left and of course more soldiers and things attacked.

August 12 - Okay, I was told Oattor and Equinicus visited today and led people around and hunted things. After wandering for a while and getting attacked by bandits, ruffians, scouts and a host of other bad things they ended up back at the Peiraic Gate. No sooner had they settled down than the burly thief, Oneeye, who was searching for our centaur friends the other day, arrives and starts babbling about having to finish the job he's started. Seems he works for someone else who, he says, we will meet soon enough and he also claims to have broken the amphora. Little else was found out from him as he was cut down before anyone could make him talk.

Seems I've also been evicted from Greece for a bit. The tax collectors came to me early the other morning in the Olympian Dianthe demanding their dinars, and well suffice to say, I didn't have them. So please bear with me as I am receiving all my news second hand from various sources and it may not be all accurate, and I hope to be back soon!

August 7 - Very early this morning we were graced by a visit from Vania who, in case you hadn't noticed, has been away for quite a while. Well, she was working on a new song and she taught the local storytellers how to sing it. The song was quite beautiful and soon had everyone at the gate laughing and dancing happily. To learn about it just ask your local storyteller, I'm sure they'd be more than willing to tell you about it.

Another visit from Night this morning as Hawkeye the Mighty (hehe) was in the jeweler selling his gems. She popped in to congratulate him for being the first to see through her "alchemical trick" of changing and disguising her features. She said while he may see the madness he did not truly yet understand the method. Well for seeing through her trick she rewarded him with a pitcher of Naxian nectar wine, of course there were people that believed it to be some of the tainted swill of Dionysus and warned him about it. Well both he and I have drank from the pitcher, so keep an eye on us…if we start acting weird, well…we can start wondering about how much trust to place in Night.

August 6 - A pair of Centaurs named Oattor and Equinicus arrived at the Peiraic Gate late this afternoon. Seems their home village (many days south of Athens) is in a bind and they need our help. The water they drink is tainted, and a large stone amphora that Hebe gave them was the only way they could drink it without getting sick. Well, the amphora was stolen. They have no idea by whom or why, only that it is gone. Oattor was very weary after his long trip and said he was attacked by bandits at Piraeus who stole some furs he was bringing to Athens to sell. They asked us to help them find their amphora so that they might relieve their village of the horrible fate thrust upon them. Soon after we had them comfortable and resting in the Aegean Stables, a burly thief came by the Peiraic gate looking for the pair.

Seems Night also paid a visit to Athens early this morning with a plan to help Fox. She has fashioned a dreamstone vial with which, she says, she may be able to use to attract Fox's soul back to her. While this is not a be-all and end-all cure, it will restore her to the Fox we know and love until we can help her. Seems the only way to actually cure her is to somehow get into the underworld, find Orpheus, and get him out…according to Autolycus. But there are two problems: The first problem is finding her and , second, getting her to wear the vial.

Ok, with Rampion gone someone has to keep us informed on what's going on, and well they say storytellers are great at spreading news so here's my attempt at the mammoth task of bringing you the latest happenings. I doubt I'll do it as good as he did, nor do I wish to try and better him but I feel it's something everyone benefits from and needs to be done. We'll miss you Rampion!

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