August 1999

August 28 - Autolycus showed up tonight and led rogues to a new area just for them, some sort of underground complex of rogue tunnels for them to be all sneaky and such in. After he finally convinced Jherle to kiss him for whatever reason, he ran off and let them explore the new tunnels. Later tonight Javari came back to the estate and sold more dyes along with the oils she promised for bald folks.

August 27 - A merchant named Javari came to the Diamond Estate tonight selling hair coloring dyes for 10 dinars a pop. She sold white, silver, grey, ash blonde, blonde, strawberry blonde, golden, coppery red, red, auburn, brown, golden-brown, light brown, dark brown, brunette, black, and blue-black. She mentioned something about maybe opening a salon to do hair and selling oil for folks with bald heads. The Widow Twanky also showed up tonight and picked a non-Estate member for her God's Wear Fashion Show, the lucky winner was Elyna, congrats!

August 24 - Plague fiends invaded the gate this morning, and it seems they've given up brawling for biting and clawing which they are much better at, so be careful if you hunt them. And addition to this item, seems Discord was involved and she attacked Vaage with fiends in legionaries, then spiders and fiends around the cemetary and soldiers at the gate. She didn't seem too happy when her fiends were taken care of so easily, thanks Vaage.

Fedmire also showed up twice to do alterations, he probably got around 15 people in all. For the curious out there who tried to find his tent, it was in the wolf cave by his Flea Market. And an addition to Fedmire, after his alterations he ran off and got killed by wolves, but when people tried to help him he was too drunk to even stand up, not to mention his eyes glowing red when he got mad (bad sign). He mentioned something about having to find Sasebo soon because of a ring she has before some black tendrils curled up around him and he faded away, thanks Llorien and Vaftel.

August 23 - Collin showed up at the gate and attacked this afternoon with bandits, hoplites, and soldiers. He claimed he was only in town for a drink but he kept sending wave after wave of stuff at folks anyhow. He also said he was in town for "the show" and that it was all just "a trick" anyway… there's no telling if he meant the invasion as the show or perhaps he means the fashion show, only time will tell. During all this an announcement was seen… Announcement: BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR WISHES. Thanks for the update Hyzenthlay!

August 21 - Discord showed up at the gate tonight looking for Sasebo again. Not sure what all happened but I'm guessing nobody told her and there was the usual swapping of insults and zaps before she decided to leave. Upon her depature she threatened Alydyana saying that she was going to find her babies. Thanks for the update Leanna. Seems some plague fiends and skeletal warriors showed up early this morning also, during which Norticles popped in and told people they didn't need his help fighting critters and left. Thanks Anduril.

August 13 - A drunk giant named Linious with a steel shield was running around the gate early this morning throwing shrapnel bombs at us and attacking folks with a surplus scimitar (that hit for an average of 230 a swing) because he wanted to have some fun he said. Dearcy followed him around a bit but couldn't find much out except that he was pro-slavery. After taking him the Hardy's to beat on him a bit, we couldn't touch him otherwise, we went back to the gate to find a nasty guard. Apparently it was Linious' and it was very hard to hit but finally folks managed to drive it off.

August 12 - More spies, scouts, forward scouts, guardsmen, elite guardsmen, and elite commanders attacked early this morning at the gate. During the festivities Lubricus showed up, and was apparently not hiding or running as usual, and chatted with folks a bit. Of course people tried to kill him, and he turned and sent them to the underworld… all that is but Bonk (maybe he can't handle him and didn't want to embarass himself. Soon after this he left saying he had gotten the information he needed. Thanks Vaftel.

August 10 - Autolycus, Gabrielle, and Aphrodite were all at the gate tonight in an alternate dimension (the test game), whether this has any effect on the live game or not has yet to be seen. Seems Gabrielle was following Autolycus through a marsh (I'm guessing the Swamps of Morae) because she feared he may be getting into trouble. While she was following, Aphrodite popped in and they had what she said was a very animate conversation, as if Aphrodite were trying to goad Autolycus into something. Next thing Gabrielle knows, Autolycus and Aphrodite are running straight for her with something chasing them. Not wanting to find out what it was that put them on their heels, she took off after them.

I guess they end up in the underworld, dead or not I'm not sure, and Autolycus tells them he knows a shortcut out. The ever trusting Gabrielle and ever so lazy Aphrodite follow him and apparently they used the old glowing hand route, because when they got top-side they all had curses. This brings them to the gate with Gabrielle begging Jherle and I to help with her lisp and Aphrodite demanding we find someone to cure her itches. Autolycus seemed to be enjoying the situation but soon took flight when the two women focussed their anger on him, hicupping all the way. After making Aphrodite suffer a bit we finally track down Vaftel and he makes the cures for them. Aphrodite says something to the tune of "About time…" and poofs off, Gabrielle was a bit more thankful and stayed with us a bit to chat about Jherle's keen vest. Autolycus never got cured, so if you hear hiccups in the shadows… check your pockets.

August 7-8 - Seems there was a small rat and a white mouse spotted at the gate on the 7th that started attacking people and seemed nearly invincible at first. After weakening a bit folks were able to kill it. This morning on the 8th after a lot of squeaking coming from people's strongboxes, containers, and the bar a line of rats mice came out of the well and marched out the gate… seems a mouse from Tkeeri's pouch gathered them. After the mice left the gate, another struggled from under Gimli and zoomed out after his companions. Thanks Tkeeri.

More from this character Breeko on the 8th. He came in the Hero's Welcome asking for lodging and if folks knew where the Sweet Oblivi was. He was very worried about the city being properly guarded but wouldn't say why, and when he found out that it was he set out to find some bags and rope. He also mentioned a Lady Thienna that we are supposed to say "thanks!" to for him if we see her. Thanks for the update Xeciah.

August 6 - Congrats to Denada and Bonk who finally tied the knot tonight in a very umm… interesting ceremony.

Swan arrived at the gate last night and said something about people destroying her village, so of course folks ran to aid her. Seems she's from the same village as Fedmire and Sasebo, Woodhaven, which was a wreck when they arrived… and soon after the wreckers showed themselves. A buncha hired thugs of Gastrus's attacked everyone, there were about eight of them, and they were fighting with various kitchen implements and food including exploding potatoes and iron spatulas. After the thugs died and came back a few times and plenty of our noble Athenians died and came back, Discord came in and made an offer. Our best two men against her best, if we win then the hired muscle leaves, if they won then she got Sasebo. So they picked Vaage and Heemor and they fought Gastrus, unfortunately Vaage went down but Heemor managed to take out the warlord. After the fight all of Gastrus's men started blaming each other for him losing and proceeded to kill each other. Thanks for the update Leanna. The new area is south of Fedmire's Tent by the way, look for a map as soon as I get the rest of that area done that I keep putting off.

August 5 - Apparently some guy named Breekor came up to Attucus and Sallah sometime today saying he was in need a miner's pick and an axe. After hearing he couldn't get one he said he'd be back to check in a few days. He also mentioned some claim he was all paranoid about that he doesn't want to get out, so of course the biggest mouth in Athens finds out so now we all know, hehe! Thanks Attucus.

August 4 - Lubricus showed up this morning and Dearcy, Yimphoba, and Sythia found him outside the south gate picking all our orange vines for his poisons. We tried to be social but he just kept making fun of us and making his slave cracks, then he shouts something about having enough snd stalks off in a huff. Soon after he leaves he comes back with his "imported muscle" (bodyguards) and procedes to have several of us killed, much to his amusement.

August 1 - A few things happened over the span of today, a ghostly presence was felt at the gate early this morning making odd things happen. Mules were pinning people to the gate and all other manner of weirdness. Tamboura was visited by a handsome viking while hunting today who told her he was thinking of retiring with his wife to "make a killing" in the priest business. So apparently we'll be seeing a priest shop in Midgard soon. And last but defenitely not least, Autolycus was in the bar tonight making small talk with folks and swapping stories. Thanks for the news Tamboura, Vaftel, and Apollonius.

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