August 2001

August 21 - Well, as most of you know, Last night was Goldenmane's deadline to join Ares. He came promptly at 9:00 est. After generally being a bully by tossing half the population of Athens around, he got down to asking Goldenmane one more time. She said no,of course. This is when Athena made her timely appearance. After a bit of arguing, they decided to handle it in the old fashioned way…and then Ares stuck his hand out and they began to roshambo for Goldenmane's future. Ares won two out of three, but when the match was moved to 5 (as was the Olympian way) Athena conquered Ares. Ares then swore not to bother Goldenmane or Thomeus and went off to sulk. Athena simply said to leave more offerings at her temple for thanks and she'd be happy.

Norticles also made an appearance in the recent days, tossing a tiny black diamond down the well. He also apparently has a huge black pearl, that he's going to keep for a while because its round. Trick and Treat have been around to the same old mischief, as well.

For those of you who haven't noticed, there is a charity table for the northwest merchant shops to rebuild. Please make sure you leave a contribution so we can get those shops up and running!

August 19 - Dissonos's party started as planned. He arrived, showed a chest full of expensive and wonderful gifts he was planning on giving out after his speech. People enjoyed dancing for a while, until suddenly people started stumbling to the ground, intoxicated. Then, as they fell unconcious, it was discovered that they were poisoned. It seems the first bunch of achohal was okay, but around the third is when people started falling ill. Dissonos himself collapsed from the poison. There was a mad scramble by storytellers to sing songs for health, and people to shove elixirs in people's mouth. I believe, buc I could be wrong, that no one died from the poison due to their efforts. Those who scrambled to save everyone else are to be commended.

During this, however, the chest of gifts was stolen, and the pretty waitress(who was in charge of pouring the drinks), let out a scream and died. She would have had to been stabbed or killed at an angle the Athenians couldn't see. After almost everyone had recovered from the poison, accusations flung at Dissonos himself. Dissonos, upset at being accused, left. A few minutes later we were made aware of his death. At this point, a grifter was seen in the Northwest Quadrant and Athenians were horrified to to enter the jewelry shop and see it completely destroyed. After much running around, Three shops were found on fire, and many others completely destroyed and abandoned.

While the shops were first being found, an invasion of henchmen and villians was going on at the party tent. Dissonos, returned from hades, helped kill off the henchmen. He then ran to the northwest quadrant and examined all the shops. Once the damage was accessed, the Athenians and Dissonos started hurling water on the still burning shops and managed to put it out. Oddly enough, the supplies shop, which was on fire, was in perfect condition when people came with water. No one knows quite how the fire was put out and there was nothing burnt there.

Dissonos left shortly after this. Not long after Dissonos left, Theratikos, the employment office taskmaster, ran through the gate screaming. When his office was examined, snickering was heard in the shadows. One thing to note, the cloaks dropped by the grifters and the henchmen had an Athenian Militia isignia on it. What does this all mean? Who knows. I'm just the reporter. The other Quadrants were not damaged, so the pawnshops and things there can still be used. No one knows if the merchants were killed or simply kidnapped.
August 16 - First of all, Dissonos's party will be on this Saturday Evening at Hermes's Garden. He warned against causing trouble at it and said he wouldn't tolerate unwelcome interruptions. Second of All, Apparently Ares was around last night. He warned Goldenmane that if she doesn't dump Thomeus and join him that he would take care of Thomeus himself. The Golden letters on Sid's bar seems to be a warning to Goldenmane, and have now reached the point of "Golde".

August 11 - Anthrus has shown up several times, each time promising to open his wagon 'today or tomorrow.' He claimed to be the one that Dissonos said rolled him off a dock. Dissonos also told the Athenians that Anthrus had shoddy armor. Anthrus finally came around yesterday to open his wagon, promising a 15% discount on the armor if it wasn't open by two hours. Well, when the time came for the wagon to open, Thieves and other villians swarmed Athens. On their way out of town, they stole the armor from the wagon and burned it to the ground. Anthrus was poisoned in the attack. There are several theories on who could of burnt the wagon down. Some being that Anthrus himself did it because he actually did have bad armor and he wished to frame his enemy (Dissonos) for the crime. Anthrus did know that Dissonos was planning on giving out steel at the party.

The most obvious theory is that Dissonos himself did it, though Dissonos apparently showed up and claimed innocence from it all. Dissonos is intelligent enough to know that he would be the first suspect, so it seems unlikely he would burn down a wagon right when he is trying to gain our trust. Anthrus has not been seen, as far as I know, since the time of the accident. Dissonos's party will be held next week at Hermes garden. I don't know the exact date or time.

On Wednesday, there was an invasion of cabin boys, peg-legged pirates, seasoned pirates, and crusty old pirates. Following the invansion, an unidentified voice at the gate spoke to us. He (or she) seemed to be the leader of the pirates and was testing our defenses. They had some sort of operation that they didn't want us messing up, so they wished to see how good of fighters we were. We apparently didn't impress the pirates much, because they informed us that they weren't worried about our interference. Right before the voice left, King Norticles came in. He showed off his black diamond and basically spread his kingly wisdom. Autolycus was also heard on the socra stone after helping a few people in Tartarus.

August 2 - Collin and Lykosa were in Athens last night, on a non-invasion trip. They were on Socra giving clues to where they were, and Autolycus was helping them. (As to why Autolycus was being buddy buddy with Collin, I have no idea, so don't ask.) After the Athenians trying to get Lykosa to break from Collin, Collin and Lykosa took their leaves to go back to the keep. They were followed, and the Athenians were promptly attacked upon arriving at the keep. An invasion also happened at the Peiraic Gate, not to anyone's surprise that Collin and Lykosa lied about the non-invasion thing. Autolycus was around in Athens for about another hour after that, but I don't know if he was talking with anyone.

Dissonos showed up about two hours after Collin and Lykosa left. He informed those at the gate that the reason he was gone was that his brother had been murdered by his enemies. He said he was 'finally getting over it.', but as usual showed no emotions. He also talked more about his social event coming up, saying that it would be in the Garden of Hermes. Because of people being wary of tents, (They have a tendency to lock the Athenians in at parties), Dissonos said only the dancing would take part in a tent. The food and drink will be served outside.

He also said that if the Athenians should wish it, he would taste all the food first to show it wasn't poisoned. If nothing goes wrong, the party will be in two weeks. He also mentioned that rewards will be given out to the ones who have helped him. Their identities are a well-kept secret as to this point. He said that the rewards will have steel, and that a few random people will get them as well. Apparently, his plan is to win the Athenians over through greed.

August 1 - First of all, Ironheart's wagon of silver weapons can be found in the Mall in the Northeast Quadrant. Ispan was also in the estate giving tattoos to everyone there. Today a thief named Trick showed up at the gate. She apparently stole a statue of some kind from a bunch of thugs. She was claiming innocence to the Athenians, but before we could find out much, thugs surrounded her and knocked her out, taking her with them.

The other night there were apparently doubles of Athenians at the gate. Wazza was chasing Wazza through the bar and around the gate. As well as Moiria leading a bunch of doubles away when Moiria was standing in front of us. Ducks were also running in the gate as well as roosters crowing from the top of Sid's bar. It was certainly… interesting.

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