Aurelia's Jewelry

[Aurelia's Jewelry]
Thickly woven wool rugs cover the flagstone floor of the shop, lending a cozy warm feel to the otherwise cold brick construction of the structure. Display cases built of the finest sanded cedar hold an exquisite array of rings, bracelets and other pieces of finely detailed jewelry. Terpsikol's wife, Aurelia, holds reign over this portion of the shop, her presence lending a further touch of elegance to the room — like a sparkling diamond in a beautifully polished setting. You also see Aurelia and a small plaque hanging on one wall.

1   some tiny seed pearl earrings                   Price 78
2   a heavy silver clasp                            Price 43
3   a black opal pin                                Price 98
4   a silver engagement ring                        Price 32
5   a tear-drop,diamond pendant                     Price 5100
6   a pair of ruby ear studs                        Price 2450
7   a golden wedding band                           Price 311
8   a gold eagle medallion                          Price 304
9   a fragile jade brooch                           Price 289
10  an intricate silver love-knot                   Price 32

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