Autolycus Storytelling Contest

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Author: Epoclaen (KRE8NRKEY)
Posted: Sep 12, 1999 06:13:09


Calling all performers! Calliope's children will be hosting the First EVER! performance contest devoted to that man of the night…That Thief of Thieves The one the only Autolycus the King of Thieves.

If you'd like to perform, The deadline to Submit your entries is Sept 25th. Please make sure to include the title of your piece in the post and send it to Skorche at All entries must be no longer then 15 minutes long and will be judged by Autolycus himself at 9PM EST on October 2nd in the Olympian Dianthe Taverna. If you're not sure where that is Go to the Southeast quad Direction to WEAPONSMITH (reminder: make sure you direction to weaponsmith and not the important weapon store.) From the weaponsmith head East once and GO TAVERNA.

It is rumored that Auolycus has stol…errr uhmmm bought some lovely prizes to be shared among the winners. So come show your respect to Autolycus and win a nifty prize. Remember the view endorsed by Autolycus aren't necessarily endorsed by Calliope's Children.

Warning: Calliope's Children will not takes no responsibility for any items lost or stolen during the performance.

Skorche and CC Liason Epoclaen on behalf of Calliope's Children

Ingonish exclaims, "The Autolycus Storytelling Contest….or…A Salute to Babble!"

Advina leans on Denada.

Autolycus chuckles.

Jherle rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Gojita grins at Heartsong.

Advina giggles at Ingonish.

Jherle says, "I've got a story about Autolycus, but its not real flattering"

Anika groans at Ingonish.

Jherle settles down onto the ground.

Leanna asks, "What's new?"

Leanna grins at Jherle.

Jherle chuckles at Leanna.

Anika settles down next to Aldigold.

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

Leanna leans against a gold-topped counter.

Leanna takes a drink from her spicy trima wine.

Aldigold giggles at Anika.

Gojita cowers in fear.

Leanna says, "Shoulda bought some white wine before I came."

Leanna mutters something under her breath.

Aldigold kisses Anika softly on the neck.

Heartsong chuckles at Epoclaen.

Jherle removes a shot of smooth whiskey from her leather satchel.

Ingonish sings:

"There once was a rogue named Autolycus,

About whom everyone was inclined to put up a fuss."
Jherle rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Anika groans at Ingonish.

Heartsong exclaims, "Wait, not now!"

Epoclaen grins at Heartsong.

Heartsong tickles Ingonish.

Autolycus grins.

Aldigold giggles at Heartsong.

Jherle takes a drink from her smooth whiskey.

Denada groans at Ingonish.

Denada tickles Ingonish.

Autolycus says, "It's never inappropriate to sing my praises. Really."

Heartsong laughs at Autolycus.

Anika chortles at Autolycus.

Anika says, "Of course not, Autolycus."

Gojita sings:
"Joxer the mighty, he's very tidy!"

Scheherazade just arrived.

Anika looks at Gojita and gags.

Anika hugs Scheherazade.

Denada raises an eyebrow.

Scheherazade hugs Anika.

Jherle hugs Scheherazade.

Heartsong says, "Looks like we will have to have a backup emcee too."

Epoclaen hugs Scheherazade.

Heartsong sighs.

Scheherazade plops down on the ground.

Leanna says, "True."

Leanna hugs Scheherazade.

Scheherazade hugs Epoclaen.

Anika pats Heartsong on the shoulder.

Scheherazade mutters something under her breath.

Scheherazade searches around for a moment.

You hear someone chuckling.

Scheherazade hugs Leanna.

Ingonish sings:

"He stole what he liked,
Even little kids bikes,
whether it was two wheelers or trikes!"

Anika giggles.

Gojita searches around for a moment.

You hear the voice of Jherle exclaim, "Gotcha again!"

Jherle comes out of hiding.

Anika squints at Ingonish.

Anika asks, "What's this 'bike' thing?"

Scheherazade sticks out her tongue and lets loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!

Jherle grins at Scheherazade.

Scheherazade hugs Jherle.

Leanna says, "Just play along.. I think he hit his head.."

Leanna looks over at Scheherazade and shakes her head.

Anika giggles at Leanna.

Heartsong nods to Leanna.

Autolycus says, "Obviously strained for a rhyme."

Ingonish says, "We have some in the north…they are two wheels attached to poles."

Scheherazade pokes Leanna in the ribs.

Heartsong says, "He hasn't been the same since the light thing."

Anika nods to Autolycus.

Anika says, "We all can't be great storytellers."

Heartsong shakes her head at Ingonish and clucks her tongue.

Anika winks.

Leanna says, "erm.. yeah."

Autolycus nods to Anika.

Ingonish smirks at Autolycus.

Anika looks at Heartsong and sighs.

Jherle takes a drink from her smooth whiskey.

Anika says, "Don't remind him of that, Heart…"

Gojita sniffs at Heartsong.

Autolycus says, "But, it's the thought that counts."

Autolycus grins at Ingonish.

Anika asks, "Notice how quiet he's been lately?"

Gojita says, "i nearly forgot"

Heartsong smiles at Leanna.

Anika snuggles up close to Aldigold.

Gojita licks Heartsong on the side of the face.

Leanna says, "I'm not sure if talking about you stealing Kids toys is very flattering."

Scheherazade chuckles.

Aldigold cuddles up next to Anika.

Ingonish laughs!

Leanna says, "Might get hit over the head by a couple mothers when they see you."

Leanna chuckles at Autolycus.

Heartsong says, "Well, I guess it is about time to start."

Anika licks Aldigold on the side of the face.

Pickoer just arrived followed by Llorien.

Aldigold shivers.

Aldigold kisses Anika on the cheek.

Llorien leans on Pickoer.

Kymnarkmar just arrived.

Llorien hugs Scheherazade.

(Anika gazes adoringly at Aldigold.)

Xxenos just arrived.

Anika beams at Kymnarkmar!

Pickoer smiles at Llorien.

Heartsong smiles.

Anika hugs Kymnarkmar.

Aldigold gazes at Anika with a worshipful look on his face.

Llorien hugs Heartsong.

Jyla just arrived.

Pickoer sits at Llorien's feet.

Epoclaen hugs Kymnarkmar.

Anika hugs Pickoer.

Anika hugs Llorien.

Llorien waves at Jherle.

Llorien sits down next to Pickoer.

Llorien hugs Anika.

Epoclaen hugs Pickoer.

Scheherazade takes a bite of her sundae.

Epoclaen hugs Llorien.

Llorien smiles at Autolycus.

Leanna asks, "So, Auto, what mischief have you been up to as of late?"

Kymnarkmar hugs Anika.

Heartsong says, "And everyone arrives a few minutes late, right on Athenian standard time."

Kymnarkmar smiles at Heartsong.

Autolycus grins at Aldigold.

Llorien hugs Epoclaen.

Ingonish lowers himself down next to a tall stool.

Anika nods to Heartsong.

Heartsong grins.

Anika grins at Heartsong.

Llorien grins at Heartsong.

Llorien hugs Aldigold.

Autolycus says, "Me? Nothing. My life of late has been rather…tame."

Aldigold hugs Llorien.

Anika gawks at Autolycus.

Attucus just arrived.

Epoclaen asks, "fashionably late, eh?"

Llorien rummages around in her pockets.

Autolycus asks, "How about you?"

Attucus waves.

Anika blinks at Autolycus.

Llorien grins.

Anika hugs Attucus.

Autolycus grins at Leanna.

Heartsong jumps up and down!

Leanna says, "Same here, not as fun when it is tame though."

Gojita asks, "Autolycus?"

Attucus says, "yes Epoc but im not that late"

Xxenos takes a drink from his raspberry ale.

Gojita asks, "tame?"

Gojita says, "yea right."

Attucus leans over and falls by Autolycus. Clumsy, huh?

Jherle says, "She's been going asking where's Autolycus"

Pickoer laughs at Attucus.

Autolycus grins at Attucus.

Jherle smiles at Leanna.

Epoclaen says, "yeah, tame compared to a lion on Nike"

Ingonish says, "Tame…Hah…I'll believe it when I see it."

Llorien chuckles at Attucus.

Epoclaen grins at Autolycus.

Xxenos blinks at Attucus.

Jyla says, "tame? ye mean ye just dont wanna tell us about yer more recent exploits, yer afraid ye might get caught and hafta give the goods back"

Attucus says, "one of these days Auto"

Heartsong clears her throat.

Leanna says, "I was simply inquiring on a rumor."

Jyla grins at Autolycus.

Autolycus asks, "Who has?"

Leanna mutters something under her breath.

Autolycus blinks at Jherle.

Jherle says, "Leanna has"

Leanna says, "I have not."

Kymnarkmar grins at Anika.

Autolycus chuckles at Aldigold.

Leanna folds her arms across her chest.

Jherle nods to Leanna.

Autolycus winks at Leanna.

Gojita leans over and falls by Autolycus. Clumsy, huh?

Attucus gazes upward.

Jherle says, "You've been going on and on about it"

Heartsong says, "It looks like, since our emcee isn't able to make it, you guys are stuck with me."

Pickoer says, "She's taken."

Pickoer pokes Autolycus in the ribs.

Aldigold giggles at Gojita.

Gojita coughs.

Gojita says, "what the"

Leanna says, "So have you, Jherle dearest."

Gojita stands up.

Gojita exclaims, "fine!"

Aldigold says, "we all have to try it at least once…"

Llorien grins at Gojita.

Jherle snorts at Leanna.

Jyla says, "I am not taken"

Gojita leans on Heartsong.

Jyla grins.

Ingonish asks, "Funny about that eh Epo?"

Autolycus says, "Now, now, Jherle…just because you've decided to keep your admiration of me to yourself…"

Anika looks at Heartsong and whines.

Autolycus looks over at Jherle and shakes his head.

Ingonish winks at Epoclaen.

Jherle raises an eyebrow.

Pickoer stands up.

Heartsong smiles.

Epoclaen nods to Ingonish.

Scheherazade chuckles.

Pickoer leans over and falls by Autolycus. Clumsy, huh?

Jyla sits at Autolycus's feet.

Autolycus says, "There's enough of me to go around."

Xxenos grins at Jherle.

Pickoer chuckles.

Aldigold stretches out into a reclining position.

Attucus sits up.

Aldigold crawls on his belly to collapse at Autolycus's feet.

Leanna asks, "Is there a reason you all are being so clumsy?"

Aldigold cackles!

Jyla asks, "ohhh there is?"

Aldigold crawls on his belly to collapse in front of Anika.

Anika stares at Aldigold.

Pickoer stands up.

Aldigold sits up.

Pickoer slaps Autolycus heartily on the back!

Anika licks Aldigold on the ear.

(Heartsong stands up on a chair so she can actually be tall enough for all to see.)

Jherle says, "Admire and fawn over to two different things"

Pickoer settles down next to Llorien.

Advina snuggles up close to Epoclaen.

Autolycus says, "Must be the beer."

Aldigold kisses Anika on the ear.

Jyla says, "well, dont ferget 'bout me then Autoycus"

Heartsong exclaims, "Hello all!"

Leanna nods to Autolycus.

Gojita falls over.

Autolycus says, "I prefer fawning."

Epoclaen says, "well at least I have an excuse to be clumsy"

Autolycus winks at Jherle.

Epoclaen taps a goblet of spicy trima wine.

Jherle says, "Figures"

Pickoer says, "You know I was gonna sing a song about ya Auto. Leanna here told me it wasn't good though."

Epoclaen gets a silly grin on his face.

Xxenos takes a drink from his raspberry ale.

Pickoer pouts.

Advina rolls her eyes.

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

Gojita yawns and closes his eyes.

Autolycus says, "But admiration from you is about on the same level as fawning by anyone else."

(Jyla fawns all over Autolycus)

Epoclaen nudges Advina with his foot.

Leanna says, "It was about you and a mule fighting."

Leanna folds her arms across her chest.

Autolycus chuckles at Jyla.

Scheherazade grins.

Pickoer stands up.

Pickoer turns around and kicks Leanna!

Leanna says, "And it was the same one he used for Collin."

Heartsong says, "I would like to welcome everyone to our big event."

Scheherazade says, "sounds good to me"

Scheherazade giggles.

Pickoer snorts.

Anika makes a shushing noise.

Leanna tugs on Pickoer's tail.

Pickoer settles down next to Llorien.

Pickoer growls at Leanna.

Anika says, "Quiet everyone."

Ingonish applauds Heartsong!

Advina says, "you know how you get on one glass hunny"

Leanna glares at Pickoer.

Anika points at Heartsong.

Leanna turns toward Heartsong.

Attucus stands up.

Attucus sits down next to Jherle.

Announcement: Join Calliope's Children and the King of Thieves for a night of grand stories and assorted mayhem! Head to the Olympian Dianthe in the SE
quadrant of Athens for the storytelling contest about to begin!

Jherle hugs Attucus.

Attucus smiles at Jherle.

Attucus hugs Jherle.

Heartsong says, "Calliope's Children would like to welcome our guest of honor, Autolycus."

Kymnarkmar bounces up and down exuberantly!

Ingonish lets out a hearty cheer for Autolycus!

Jyla claps her hands.

Leanna applauds Autolycus!

Epoclaen applauds Autolycus!

Autolycus nods.

Denada smiles at Autolycus.

Jyla swoons to the floor in a dramatic heap!

Heartsong says, "Also the subject of our stories."

Advina applauds.

Llorien applauds Autolycus!

Autolycus says, "Thank you, thank you."

Jyla sits up.

Anika smiles at Autolycus.

Gojita quietly yawns and opens his eyes.

Jherle says, "His head is going to be swollen after tonight"

Ingonish closes his doeskin backpack.

Gojita sits up.

Heartsong smiles at Autolycus.

Ingonish closes his fur sack.

Leanna says, "and the judge."

Ingonish closes his doeskin sack.

Gojita rubs his eyes.

Ingonish closes his leather sack.

Ingonish closes his leather saddlebags.

Ingonish coughs.

Epoclaen says, "what do ya mean 'after tonight?'"

Epoclaen winks at Jherle.

Jherle chuckles.

Llorien grins at Pickoer.

Autolycus gazes upward.

Jyla grins at Epoclaen.

Xxenos chuckles at Epoclaen.

Pickoer says, "I figured you were having this thing so you could be praised. Then you give them some stolen goods, take them back, and get out with both praise
and new goods."

Heartsong asks, "Gojita, would you like to start our contest with a bit of a prayer?"

Epoclaen pats Autolycus on the shoulder.

Pickoer smiles at Autolycus.

Llorien chuckles.

Autolycus says, "I don't know where you folks get your conceptions of me."

Gojita exclaims, "eh?!"

Gojita shakes his fist at Heartsong!

Autolycus grins at Gojita.

Llorien chuckles at Autolycus.

Xxenos rummages around in his pockets.

Heartsong winks at Gojita.

Llorien says, "That reminds me"

Llorien closes her doeskin backpack.

Ingonish says, "We watch you Auto…that's where we get them"

Llorien winks at Autolycus.

Autolycus says, "Just a short sweet prayer about how importing judging is."

Autolycus tickles Llorien.

Anika giggles at Autolycus.

Llorien giggles.

Llorien squeals.

Leanna says, "Or how great our judge is."

Llorien closes her white sack.

Autolycus nods to Leanna.

Attucus asks, "so where do you go Auto to import judges?"

Llorien closes her wool sack.

Autolycus says, "That never hurts either."

Denada removes a glass of raspberry lemonade from her hide cloak.

Gojita says, "remember on this special occasion Atuolycus that judjing is a sacred power and not to be missused, yadda yadda, blah blah, amen."

Attucus grins at Autolycus.

(Pickoer watches Autolycus' every move.)

Anika laughs at Gojita.

Llorien grins at Pickoer.

Athena says, "Well, I guess that's the cue."

Epoclaen exclaims, "I know where he goes to export 'fox'es!"

Xxenos takes a drink from his raspberry ale.

Denada snickers.

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Athena sits down.

Pickoer blinks.

Pickoer searches around for a moment.

Epoclaen grins at Autolycus.

Denada blinks.

Pickoer blinks at Athena.

Denada gazes at Athena.

Kymnarkmar hands a waiter some coins.

Ingonish lets out a hearty cheer for Athena!

Llorien blinks.

Scheherazade chuckles.

Autolycus says, "Everyone, welcome Athena, goddess of wisdom."

Pickoer gasps!

Denada gulps.

Heartsong exclaims, "Athena!"

Anika blinks.

Autolycus says, "Our second judge for the night."

Llorien beams at Athena!

Epoclaen beams at Athena!

Denada fidgets nervously.

Athena smiles.

Llorien applauds Athena!

Heartsong beams at Athena!

Leanna bows to Athena.

Jherle waves at Athena.

Aldigold stands up.

Advina beams at Athena!

Aldigold bows to Athena.

Scheherazade asks, "gah, she's gonna judge?"

Finious just arrived.

Xxenos blinks at Athena.

Attucus kisses Athena on the hand.

Scheherazade whines.

Heartsong curtsies to Athena.

Aldigold settles down next to Anika.

Finious bows.

Attucus winks at Athena.

Xxenos puts a cool mug of raspberry ale in a large black leather backpack.

Anika stands up.

Anika bows to Athena.

Kymnarkmar smiles at Athena.

Athena looks a little abashed by all the attention and straightens up her chiton.

Anika settles down next to Aldigold.

Leanna says, "Of course, the wisest Goddess should judge."

With a resolved look, Aldigold waves a graceful hand over the face of Athena while speaking, "Let the blessing of Athena be upon you."

Anika hugs Finious.

Aldigold giggles.

Epoclaen says, "Welcome Athena"

Jyla stands up.

Jyla curtsies to Athena.

Finious gasps!

Epoclaen dances his thumb and forefinger across a blue floppy hat.

Heartsong says, "We are very honored by your presence, oh wise Goddess."

Finious gasps at Athena!

Kymnarkmar sits down.

Athena says, "Thank you. I want you to know that by my presence, I am certifying that this contest is not rigged and that the judging shall be fair."

Attucus and Finious shake hands.

Jyla sits at Autolycus's feet.

Xxenos pinches himself!

Finious utters a few quiet prayers.

Leanna nods to Athena.

Heartsong smiles at Athena.

Anika beams at Athena!

Leanna says, "Its good you are here."

Ingonish chuckles to himself.

Leanna says, "If Auto had his way only females would win."

Pickoer says, "Keep an eye on him Athena."

Scheherazade says, "surprised you didn't get Hermes, he's more your style"

Autolycus says, "It's always above board."

Scheherazade grins at Autolycus.

Pickoer points at Autolycus.

Jherle asks, "Can you certify we'll have our posessions when we leave?"

(Kymnarkmar nudges over to sit beside Anika)

Autolycus says, "He wasn't around."

Anika hugs Kymnarkmar.

Jherle sighs.

Athena nods to Jherle.

Scheherazade chuckles at Autolycus.

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Finious mutters incoherently at Athena.

Jherle nods to Athena.

Scheherazade says, "where there's mud wrestling, there's Hermes"

(Attucus gazes up thank you,thank you,thank you now wheres Aphrodite?)

Finious gazes at Athena in admiration.

Kymnarkmar hugs Anika.

Jherle says, "That is a good thing"

Heartsong says, "Ok, it is time for us to start our contest."

Pickoer laughs at Attucus.

Athena says, "And now, let us return to Heartsong."

Xxenos chuckles at Attucus.

Athena nods to Heartsong.

Athena shifts her weight around.

Attucus gets a silly grin on his face.

Llorien pokes Pickoer in the ribs.

Llorien glares at Pickoer.

Pickoer whistles tunelessly to himself.

Anika beams at Aldigold!

Epoclaen turns toward Heartsong.

Autolycus grins at Athena.

Epoclaen sits down next to Advina.

Finious sits down next to Anika.

Heartsong says, "Our contestants have prepared and struggled."

Pickoer says, "Well it wouldn't hurt to have her here."

Pickoer nudges Llorien with his elbow.

Autolycus sits down.

Llorien tickles Pickoer.

Finious smiles at Anika.

Pickoer squeals.

Llorien says, "Yeah."

Anika giggles at Finious.

Advina snuggles up close to Epoclaen.

Ingonish pants.

Ingonish begins to sweat.

Attucus nods to Pickoer.

Aldigold gazes at Athena with a worshipful look on his face.

Ingonish says, "Boy have we ever"

Epoclaen kisses Advina on the cheek.

Finious begins to sweat.

Heartsong says, "We need to give them our support by listening attentively and politely to them."

Pickoer says, "Well it might hurt me…"

Aldigold gazes at Anika with a worshipful look on his face.

Denada takes a bite of her lemonade.

Pickoer blinks at Denada.

Denada puts a glass of raspberry lemonade in a snow tiger hide cloak.

Autolycus exclaims, "That's right!"

Gojita asks, "how come Apollo never does these things?"

Heartsong says, "And applauding and cheering them loudly."

Leanna sits down.

Heartsong grins.

Anika nuzzles Aldigold.

Pickoer asks, "Chewy lemonade?"

Anika exclaims, "Yeah!"

Kymnarkmar puts an oaken quarter staff in a large green canvas backpack.

Anika nods to Gojita.

Autolycus says, "Especially as all the stories are about me."

Athena says, "Autolycus. Hush."

Anika nods to Heartsong.

Llorien rolls her eyes.

Athena glares at Autolycus.

Epoclaen grins at Autolycus.

Anika puts a braided scarlet leather whip in a large white cotton backpack.

Advina grins at Autolycus.

Autolycus says, "Geeze."

Jyla grins at Autolycus.

Leanna asks, "you need a storyteller to be taking notes for you?"

Leanna glances at Autolycus.

Jherle says, "You're gonna have a hard time getting him to shut up"

Pickoer says, "Yeah. Just wait for my story about you and Manure."

Pickoer gets a smug expression on his face.

Autolycus blinks at Pickoer.

Autolycus Storytelling Contest part 2

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