Autolycus Storytelling Contest Part 2

Heartsong says, "Our first contestant is a wonderful lady."

Denada glowers darkly at Pickoer.

Scheherazade chuckles.

Autolycus says, "Remember, I have the prizes here."

Llorien ponders.

Autolycus snorts at Pickoer.

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Athena nudges Autolycus with her elbow.

Scheherazade says, "I did hear a story where you had these really big feet"

Scheherazade whistles skillfully to herself.

Llorien grins at Pickoer.

Athena says, "I said, hush."

Pickoer says, "I'll steal them if I want em."

Ingonish says, "That's right…he does"

Pickoer winks at Autolycus.

Autolycus nods to Athena.

Denada leans on Advina.

Ingonish stands up.

Leanna glances at Pickoer and holds up one finger to her lips.

Heartsong says, "Anika, come forward and spin your tale."

Ingonish leans over and falls by Autolycus. Clumsy, huh?

Anika smiles at Heartsong.

Scheherazade says, "and I almost decided to tell the one about Autolycus the Mama of Harpies"

Anika stands up.

Athena smiles at Anika.

Fariboulloupas just arrived.

Kymnarkmar grins at Anika.

Scheherazade giggles.

Ingonish chuckles.

Autolycus nods to Anika.

Ingonish stands up.

Anika strides over to stand before Autolycus.

Leanna grins at Scheherazade.

Anika bows to Autolycus.

Fariboulloupas waves.

Anika turns toward Athena.

Anika bows to Athena.

Fariboulloupas hugs Leanna.

Fariboulloupas curtsies to Autolycus.

Attucus turns toward Anika.

Heartsong sits down.

Fariboulloupas sits down next to Leanna.

Leanna hugs Fariboulloupas.

Jyla stands up.

Ingonish settles down onto the ground.

(Jyla moves out of the way)

(Anika waits for everyone to settle down.)

Fariboulloupas smiles at Leanna.

Anika smiles.

Gojita gazes at Anika with a worshipful look on his face.

Anika clears her throat.

Anika says, "I present to you all GUARDIAN OF THIEVES"

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

(Anika gazes out at her audience as she begins to weave the tale.)

Anika recites:

"And so it came to pass that Autolycus found himself amid the pyramids of Egypt. The King of Thieves had heard of a ruby larger than even a giant's fist that was hidden in the tomb of a priest of Osiris, and who could possibly expect any king to be without such a magnificent gem? Yes, Autolycus decided, it was only fitting that such a stone should be in his possession."

Anika recites:
"Patiently, he waited for the moon to reach its zenith. As he watched the night desert, the sand sparkling like so many tiny gems, his guide slipped beside him. "Soon, Autolycus," he said. "Soon." Autolycus nodded briefly, cautious of making any movement. He wasn't expecting to have anyone watching him, but in dealing with priests and magic, it was certainly better to be cautious than dead. At last, the man tugged on Autolycus' sleeve and whispered, "It's time."

Anika recites:
"Silently, the men crossed the sand to the nearest pyramid. "I can only get you inside," the guide said to Autolycus as they approached the structure. "Once you pass through the entrance, obtaining the ruby is up to you."

Anika recites:
"Autolycus nodded as he removed a small pouch from his belt. Grinning, he watched the guide carefully open the door to the tomb. Once the entry was cleared, Autolycus stepped into the passage. He turned to the guide, handed the man the pouch and said, "Fifty gold pieces, as promised. Go and get drunk, my friend." With eyes sparkling like the sand, he turned and carefully made his way down into the tomb."

Anika recites:
"Autolycus soon found himself inside a small chamber. He gazed around the empty room, peering in the dim light for an exit. Seeing none obvious, he walked the perimeter of the room, looking for the tell-tale signs of a hidden door—a crack, an irregularity in the wall, anything. All he found was the tunnel he'd just come through. "Blasted gossip," he muttered. "Especially when it's not true." As he was about to make his way back to the desert, he heard a slight hissing."

Anika recites:
"Autolycus cautiously turned toward the sound. Seeing nothing, he made ready again to leave the tomb. Once more the hissing started, and as Autolycus turned toward it, he saw a cobra making its way toward him, followed by more, and more, and more. Soon, the floor of the chamber was covered with the snakes as they made their way toward him, and still others were coming—from where, Autolycus couldn't see. As he turned to run down the passage, he found a wall, completely sealing the room."

Epoclaen hisses at a waiter.

Aldigold rubs Epoclaen gently.

Heartsong shudders.

Advina winces.

Anika recites:
"Things did not look good for the King of Thieves. There was nowhere in the room for him to hide, no way for him to escape. It looked as though he would have to actually fight. Wincing, he removed his sword from the sheath and began to swing at the cobras. The sword moved right through them as though they weren't there! Autolycus blinked at the sword in disbelief. As he was about to take another swing at the cobras, the largest one sprang at him, wrapping its tail around his waist."

Gojita gasps!

Epoclaen gulps.

Anika recites:
"Autolycus grabbed for the snake in an attempt to free himself, but his hands moved completely through it, just as his sword had."

Gojita shudders.

Jyla blinks.

Anika recites:
"What the…!" he exclaimed. It was as if the snakes weren't really there…except for the painful fact that the one was squeezing him very hard, causing him to gasp for breath, as the others bit his feet and legs. Autolycus struggled to get free, but how do you unwrap something from around yourself if you can't even grab hold of it? As the cobra squeezed him tighter and the poison from the bites began to take effect, Autolycus slumped to the floor, cursing his fate to die so pathetically."

Leanna blinks at Anika.

Autolycus says, "Boy this is making me uncomfortable."

Scheherazade chuckles.

Athena pokes Autolycus in the ribs.

Attucus grins at Autolycus.

Denada giggles.

Leanna rubs Autolycus gently.

Anika recites:
"As the world started to go black, he saw the shimmering image of a woman. He could just barely hear her chanting something in a language he didn't recognize. The cobra around his waist squeezed him harder, and it seemed as if the snake itself were now fighting something. Autolycus struggled to remain conscious, one last hope flickering that this woman could be his salvation."

Autolycus says, "At least I'm not dying alone."

Fariboulloupas cackles at Autolycus!

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Anika recites:
"As she was. The woman continued chanting softly, and the cobras that had gathered around Autolycus' body began to slither away, their heads low as if in pain. At last, even the largest and strongest of them released his hold on Autolycus and disappeared, hissing in defeat."
Anika recites:

"The woman kneeled beside Autolycus and placed her hands over his weakened body. "Now to remove the poison," she murmured in softly accented Greek. She began chanting again, still in the unfamiliar language. Autolycus watched, wide-eyed, as the vapors of the poison seemed to rise from his body to her hands, like steam."

Autolycus says, "Hmmm. Steamy."

Autolycus nods to Anika.

Athena glares at Autolycus.

Anika recites:
"When the woman's chanting stopped, Autolycus felt better and stronger than he had when he'd entered the tomb. He jumped to his feet, took the woman's hand, and kissed it softly, his eyes sparkling. "Many thanks, beautiful stranger," he said. The woman nodded, slowly rising to her feet. Autolycus watched her as she moved toward the passage leading outside…the passage which was now open."

Fariboulloupas dissolves into a fit of giggles.

Scheherazade chuckles.

Gojita says, "big flirt."

Epoclaen nods to Gojita.

Epoclaen gazes at Autolycus in admiration.

Epoclaen chuckles.

Anika recites:
"Hey!" he exclaimed, blinking in surprise. "That passage was blocked! How did you get in here?"

Anika recites:
"The woman glanced over at her shoulder at the King of Thieves. "Even thieves have guardians," she replied softly before disappearing down the dark tunnel."
Finious gazes at Athena with a worshipful look on his face.

Kymnarkmar chuckles.

Anika recites:
"Autolycus stared dumbly after her for a moment. Then, seeing a glint of light in the far corner of the room, he went to examine the source. There, tucked between the two walls, was a ruby bigger even than his own hands, sparkling brightly in the torchlight."

Autolycus beams!

Heartsong just left.

Heartsong just arrived.

Attucus rubs Heartsong gently.

Jherle smiles at Heartsong.

Gojita peers quizzically at Heartsong.

Anika smiles knowingly as she leans back slightly, folding her hands in front of her.

Heartsong blinks.

Anika bows.

Attucus lets out a hearty cheer for Anika!

Llorien smiles.

Kymnarkmar applauds Anika!

Jyla claps her hands.

Ingonish applauds Anika!

Finious lets out a howl for Anika!

Advina grins at Anika.

Jyla applauds.

Heartsong beams at Anika!

Llorien applauds Anika!

Pickoer beams at Anika!

Finious lets out a hearty cheer for Anika!

Denada claps her hands at Anika.

Jherle applauds Anika!

Epoclaen lets out a hearty cheer for Anika!

Xxenos applauds Anika!

Fariboulloupas applauds Anika!

Jyla lets out a hearty cheer for Anika!

Fariboulloupas lets out a howl for Anika!

Heartsong applauds Anika!

Pickoer's eyes widen as he utters the name of Anika!

Anika curtsies.

Finious applauds Anika!

Advina applauds Anika!

Gojita claps his hands at Anika.

Athena applauds Anika!

Pickoer lets out a hearty cheer for Anika!

Autolycus grins at Anika.

Anika turns toward Autolycus.

Anika bows to Autolycus.

Autolycus exclaims, "Very nice!"

Anika turns toward Athena.

Aldigold kisses Anika on one hoof, then on another.

Autolycus applauds Anika!

Gojita applauds Anika!

Anika bows to Athena.

Scheherazade applauds Anika!

Anika smiles.

Anika settles down next to Aldigold.

Autolycus says, "Now I'm glad Fox isn't here, because I can just see which role she'd cast herself in."

Anika laughs!

Heartsong stands up.

Ingonish laughs!

Denada snickers.

Scheherazade chuckles.

Epoclaen chuckles at Autolycus.

Kymnarkmar giggles.

Fariboulloupas grins at Autolycus.

Heartsong smiles at Autolycus.

Advina chuckles.

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

Finious pats Anika on the croup.

Kymnarkmar takes a drink from her hot jasmine tea.

Anika smiles at Finious.

Finious chuckles.

(Kymnarkmar blows on her tea)

Gojita yawns.

Finious puts a stout mahogany trunk in a jet black metal mesh satchel.

Kymnarkmar takes a drink from her hot jasmine tea.

Heartsong exclaims, "our next contestant is a centaur rogue…Ingonish!"

Ingonish stands up.

Xxenos grins at Ingonish.

Athena smiles at Ingonish.

Denada grins.

Finious removes a cup of hot rum coffee from his backpack.

Heartsong smiles at Ingonish.

Ingonish coughs.

Epoclaen smiles at Ingonish.

Autolycus nods to Ingonish.

Finious smiles at Anika.

Ingonish strides over to stand before Heartsong.

Jherle takes a drink from her smooth whiskey.

Anika glances at Ingonish.

Anika gazes upward.

Anika utters a few quiet prayers.

Ingonish stretches.

Scheherazade chuckles at Leanna.

Ingonish settles down onto the ground.

Ingonish says, "In my homeland…I was one of the royal guards. "

Gojita shifts his weight around.

Ingonish says, "One night I was given charge by my King, to protect the most valuable jewel in the whole kingdom."

Ingonish says, "I was honoured by his trust in me. So, I grabbed my finest weapons "

Autolycus grins at Ingonish.

Ingonish removes a bronze-hilted black iron longsword from his shoulder sheath.

Ingonish removes a sharpened iron handaxe from his golden-threaded cape.

Ingonish says, "and went to my post."

Attucus mutters that couldnt of been a smart king

Ingonish says, "The room housing this most precious gem, was layered with traps of all kinds. Poison darts, flaming arrows, a large cage that dropped from the ceiling, were only a few of the obstacles that faced anyone trying to get in. And then there was me…the finest hunter in the lands, with keen ears and keener eyes. I was also determined not to let my King 's faith in me be misplaced."

Fariboulloupas gasps at Ingonish!

Finious smiles at Attucus.

Ingonish says, "Well…the night was very quiet, only the chirping of the insects outside. I poured myself a warm glass of tea….and that's when I heard it. A slight scraping noise…like a piece of fabric being drawn across some was so faint..I almost missed it."

Ingonish says, "Making not a sound…I slowly rose "

Ingonish stands up.

Ingonish says, "from my seat and turned "

Fariboulloupas says, "ooh"

Ingonish rears up and wheels around sharply on his back hooves.

Ingonish says, "to see what it may have been."

Fariboulloupas searches around for a moment.

Ingonish gazes around at his surroundings.

Ingonish says, "Suddenly…as if from thin air…in the window..a shadow."

Finious takes a drink from his hot rum coffee.

Ingonish says, "I gazed at the figure, transfixed by it. Almost cat like in movement, and as flowing as a cloud in the sky, I could barely tell that it was a man. Unable to move…my legs not responding, I was forced to watch it's skillful work."

Fariboulloupas winks at Autolycus.

Ingonish says, "He slid slowly down from the window, not even seeming to touch the wall."

Ingonish says, "I could tell that he had been there before, and I wondered how many other guards had missed his passing completely. He knew where each trap laid, but instead of avoiding them, he seem to take great pleasure in carefully disarming each and ever single one. It looked so easy."

Tennetty just arrived.

Autolycus says, "Naturally."

Anika chortles at Autolycus.

Denada chuckles.

Tennetty tilts her head toward Autolycus.

Heartsong nods to Leanna.

Jherle rolls her eyes.

Ingonish says, "Finally, he made his way to the spot where our treasure laid. And although it may sound crazy, it was like the bounty wanted to go with him, for there was no movement not carefully planned. Then, as he began to leave, suddenly my feet obeyed my minds command once again and I leaped "

Ingonish rears back and paws the air with his hooves!

Epoclaen gives Autolycus a lopsided grin.

Ingonish says, "towards the dull shadow in front of me. Well..I was once again stunned. When I got to the place where the shadow had been it was gone. "

Finious takes a drink from his hot rum coffee.

Ingonish says, "I heard a sound above my head and I turned to the window only to see a glimpse of his face in the moonlight. He smiled and winked once, then, with a twirl of a mustach, he was gone and making good his escape."

Fariboulloupas cackles at Ingonish!

Llorien grins.

Ingonish says, "The following day I sent messangers to all of the guards in the lands surrounding my homeland, but not one had any idea of who it could have been."

Autolycus grins.

Gojita points at Autolycus.

Anika shakes her head at Ingonish and clucks her tongue.

Fariboulloupas gets a silly grin on her face.

Ingonish says, "Then, three weeks later I recieved a letter from Greece I guess from someone who had heard of my encounter. It read: "

Tennetty sits down next to Scheherazade.

Ingonish recites:
"You are a very lucky man my friend, the rogue you saw that night was none other than Autolycus, The King of Thieves. "

Ingonish recites:
"Although it will not help your grief, you should feel honoured. Autolycus only steals the best, from the best."

Llorien grins.

Kymnarkmar chuckles.

Autolycus nods to Ingonish.

Heartsong beams at Ingonish!

Anika mutters Whose ego are we stoking here anyway?

Ingonish says, "There was no name attached to the letter."

Ingonish says, "I will always remember that night, and maybe, one day, I will be walking in the streets of Athens and come across this rogue. I only hope when I do I will see once again that which he stole from my people. Our most valued thing, our Princess."

Autolycus coughs.

Ingonish puts a bronze-hilted black iron longsword in a doeskin shoulder sheath.

Anika gasps!

Attucus snickers at Anika.

Jherle chuckles.

Ingonish puts a sharpened iron handaxe in a shimmering golden-threaded cape.

Kymnarkmar gasps!

Fariboulloupas peers quizzically at Ingonish.

Autolycus gazes upward.

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Ingonish bows.

Ingonish settles down onto the ground.

Fariboulloupas gasps at Autolycus!

Xxenos applauds Ingonish!

Athena glances at Autolycus.

Anika laughs!

Jherle snickers.

Heartsong applauds Ingonish!

Anika applauds Ingonish!

Jyla says, "Sounds like Autolycus sent the letter 'imself"

Kymnarkmar applauds Ingonish!

Athena applauds Ingonish!

Fariboulloupas lets out a hearty cheer for Ingonish!

Jherle applauds Ingonish!

Scheherazade applauds Ingonish!

Pickoer lets out a hearty cheer for Ingonish!

Epoclaen chuckles at Ingonish.

Gojita laughs!

Jyla claps her hands.

Attucus lets out a hearty cheer for Ingonish!

Fariboulloupas's eyes widen as she utters the name of Autolycus!

Jyla applauds.

Pickoer nods to Jherle.

Kalipso just arrived followed by Tkeeri.

Epoclaen applauds Ingonish!

Gojita pokes Autolycus in the ribs.

Llorien applauds Ingonish!

Jyla gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Kalipso sits at Tkeeri's feet.

Ingonish says, "Thank you"

Advina applauds Ingonish!

Autolycus says, "Now, now. That story sounded plausible…but that last bit…"

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

Autolycus winks at Ingonish.

Tkeeri sits down next to Kalipso.

Anika giggles at Autolycus.

Scheherazade chuckles at Leanna.

Attucus hugs Tkeeri.

Attucus hugs Kalipso.

Heartsong takes a few steps to her left.

Heartsong grins at Autolycus.

Xxenos hugs Kalipso.

Xxenos hugs Tkeeri.

Tkeeri hugs Attucus.

Denada chuckles.

Denada pats Ingonish on the croup.

Kalipso hugs Attucus.

Tkeeri tilts her head toward Athena.

Jherle takes a drink from her smooth whiskey.

Kalipso hugs Xxenos.

Epoclaen takes a drink from his spicy trima wine.

Ingonish says, "Maybe I exagerated…maybe it was only her virtue he stole"

Denada clamps her hands over her mouth.

Gojita says, "cats outta the bag"

Ingonish peers quizzically at Autolycus.

Denada gasps at Ingonish!

Anika snorts at Ingonish.

Epoclaen carefully pours a goblet of spicy trima wine in a goblet of spicy trima wine.

Finious takes a drink from his hot rum coffee.

Fariboulloupas giggles at Ingonish.

Autolycus says, "I'm not that kind of thief."

Scheherazade takes a bite of her sundae.

Jherle blinks at Ingonish.

Denada laughs at Autolycus.

Leanna says, "uh huh."

Scheherazade snickers.

Kymnarkmar takes a drink from her hot jasmine tea.

Athena says, "Let us hope not."

Heartsong nods to Leanna.

Xxenos chuckles.

Ingonish chuckles.

Anika giggles.

Fariboulloupas giggles at Athena.

Fariboulloupas nods.

Jherle says, "That is certainly another type of thief altogether"

Athena nods to Jherle.

Fariboulloupas nods to Jherle.

Anika nods to Jherle. Heartsong exclaims, "Ok, our next contestant is a storyteller who is as beautiful as she is talented…..Scheherazade!"

Anika mutters something about men under her breath.

Athena says, "And the punishment therefore is not light."

Scheherazade beams!

Autolycus gulps.

Kymnarkmar just left.

Fariboulloupas lets out a howl for Scheherazade!

Jherle grins at Athena.

Anika lets out a hearty cheer for Scheherazade!

Autolycus nods to Scheherazade.

Denada says, "of course not.. He is an innocent litle snow white lamb.. Look at that face.."

Heartsong sits down.

Athena smiles at Scheherazade.

Heartsong laughs!

Anika giggles at Denada.

Autolycus winks at Denada.

Ingonish laughs at Denada.

Fariboulloupas giggles at Denada.

Aldigold cuddles up next to Anika.

Scheherazade says, "ok, I kinda wrote this at the last minute so don't expect too much"

Fariboulloupas eyes up Autolycus.

Denada smirks.

Anika snuggles up close to Aldigold.

Gojita asks, "Scheheawhat?"

The blood slowly drains from Fariboulloupas's face.

Tennetty seems to be waiting for Scheherazade to do something.

Scheherazade says, "after weeks of thinking about my subject… well, that's all I did"

Scheherazade gets a dreamy expression on her face.

Denada rolls her eyes.

Heartsong grins at Scheherazade.

Fariboulloupas giggles at Scheherazade.

Ingonish laughs at Scheherazade.

Autolycus grins at Scheherazade.

Epoclaen chuckles at Scheherazade.

Scheherazade gets a silly grin on her face.

Jherle rolls her eyes.

whispers to Scheherazade, "suck up."

Fariboulloupas tickles Scheherazade.

Autolycus says, "Not a bad way to spend your time."

Scheherazade sticks her tongue out at Leanna, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!

Heartsong laughs at Autolycus.

Scheherazade chuckles at Autolycus.

Leanna smirks at Scheherazade.

Scheherazade clears her throat.

Scheherazade recites:
"Oh Sacred Muse, I ask that You should grant Your secrets, whispered soft, and tell of "

Jherle says, "Don't mind Leanne, she's been pining over Autolycus too"

Scheherazade says, "let's try that again"

Scheherazade smirks.

Leanna snorts at Jherle.

Denada snickers.

Anika licks Aldigold on the ear.

Tkeeri grins at Scheherazade.

Scheherazade asks, "see what happens when I'm in the same room with him?"

Fariboulloupas leans on Leanna.

Jherle grins at Leanna.

Scheherazade fidgets nervously.

Fariboulloupas rubs Leanna gently.

Anika chortles at Scheherazade.

Autolycus says, "Understandable."

Kymnarkmar just arrived.

Jyla grins at Scheherazade.

Pickoer gazes at Llorien.

Tennetty giggles.

Scheherazade recites:
"Oh Sacred Muse, I ask that You should grant your secrets, whispered soft, and tell of him who with the holy twice born God once walked and what they said, those two, upon their talk through gardens where asphodel spreads its blooms."

Anika snorts at Autolycus.

Scheherazade recites:
"Oh Sacred Muse, I ask that You should grant Your secrets, whispered soft, and tell of him who with all stealth (well mostly anyway) brought to us in Athens the art of the rogue."

Scheherazade says, "yeesh"

Autolycus asks, "The Muse is forsaking your pleas?"

Hyzenthlay just arrived.

Attucus hugs Hyzenthlay.

Scheherazade says, "apparently"

Scheherazade recites:
"The strange old man dashed through town, passing out notes to everyone he deemed worthy before hobbling off much too quickly for a man of his age before they even had a chance to react. He had just passed off another note to a young lady struggling with a locked box on Muthos Meander while listening to a storyteller weave a tale when a strong hand grabbed him by the shoulder. Suddenly he was whipped around as he rose his head a bit to see who his assailant was. Drat and double drat he thought to himself as he hunched back over, doing his best to hide his handsome face behind his white hair."

Ingonish hugs Hyzenthlay.

Athena thwaps Autolycus on the head.

Anika hugs Hyzenthlay.

Hyzenthlay hugs Attucus.

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Athena!

Attucus gives Hyzenthlay a smooch.

Leanna grins at Athena.

Kalipso grins at Athena.

Gojita laughs at Autolycus.

Hyzenthlay hugs Anika.

Gojita points at Autolycus.

Hyzenthlay hugs Ingonish.

Gojita laughs at Autolycus.

Tkeeri says, "That's the Goddess I remember"

Scheherazade recites:
"Well well, look what we have here," Xena smirked. Gabrielle was watching in horror as her friend assaulted the poor old man, the storyteller had stopped her tale at the interruption, everyone staring at
Xena in awe. "Please, please don't hurt me, I'm but an old and fragile soul, running messages for Theratikos to earn enough of a living to feed my poor pets," the old man pleaded pitifully, his head still bowed low. Xena gave a knowing chuckle, suddenly a circular gleam filled her hand and she brought the sharp edge of the chakram down quickly across the front of the man's robe in a whoosh of blade cutting air."

Xxenos chuckles.

Autolycus winces.

Denada's jaw drops.

Autolycus says, "I hate when Xena does that."

Gojita points at Autolycus.

Hyzenthlay plops down on the ground.

Leanna grins at Autolycus.

Heartsong grins at Autolycus.

Epoclaen grins at Autolycus.

Scheherazade recites:
"Autolycus quickly jumped back, checking himself for injury as he scowled at Xena, his costume falling to the ground in a pile. "Hey, watch where you're putting that thing." The crowd gasped and there was a mass of people checking their coin purses as Autolycus grinned, his reputation had preceded him apparently. "I haven't even done anything!" he muttered."Oh?" Xena questioned, "Then why the fancy disguise? Or are you just trying to get the senior citizens' discount at the Eureka Hall?" Autolycus stood by his earlier conviction, "I've not done a thing." Xena quickly turned to the young rogue and snatched the note from her fingers, the young girl blinked twice then jumped and ran away, Autolycus cringed a bit."

Anika giggles.

Fariboulloupas giggles at Scheherazade.

Heartsong smiles at Autolycus.

Autolycus grins at Scheherazade.

Scheherazade recites:
"Xena scanned the note, raising a questioning eyebrow in Autolycus' direction as she pushed the slip of paper toward her companion to read. Gabrielle chuckled as she read it, "Going into academics eh? Larceny 101?" Autolycus was steadily backing away, dry-washing his hands nervously as he stuttered, "Umm… uhh… see you ladies later!" And he was gone in the crowd. Xena shook her head ruefully, Gabrielle was peering at her, "Shouldn't we go after him?" "Nah, let him have his fun for a while, we have more pressing matters to take care of." Gabrielle's eyes brightened, "Yes, lunch! I am so tired of trail rations! Where are we going anyway, I heard that the Olympian Dianthe had good food. You know that storyteller was pretty good until you interrupted her, especially that part about Ixion, have I ever told you about Ixion Xena? It's a wonderful story, you see he was the one who…" her voice faded off into the distance as they headed off toward The Cask and Keg."

Finious takes a drink from his hot rum coffee.

Fariboulloupas flutters her fingers over a dust bunny.

Anika gawks at Scheherazade.

Anika pants.

Tkeeri grins at Scheherazade.

Attucus applauds Scheherazade!

Llorien grins.

Scheherazade recites:
"Autolycus muttered as he slipped unseen through the shadows, passing the sickly smell of what could only be a tannery before its less than subtle aromas were replaced by those of a not so fresh smelling stable.
Klepto smiled wickedly as the form in the shadows behind him whispered, "It's time." And off he dashed down Prometheus Road, careful not to be seen as he slipped between two buildings and walked up onto the ramshackle building that lay hidden within their depths. A din of noise was emanating from the usually quiet building, he grimaced to himself as he walked in."

Attucus says, "oops"

Scheherazade recites:
"What's going on in here, a convention?" Klepto nervously glanced over his shoulder several times before continuing, "You youngsters, you've got more training to do before you should be here. Well, no sense me trying to do my business with half the town sitting in here." And he stalked off to unfold the second part of their plan."

Scheherazade recites:
"Autolycus had donned a cowled black robe, chuckling to himself as he heard the resounding THUD from the other room. Taking his place in the single chair draped in the shadows cast by a sputtering candle, he waited. "It's Pae." came the voice from the other room.
A few seconds later a door opened and Pae stepped tentatively into the room. Autolycus nodded to her and motioned for her to sit on the floor at his feet, which she did, and he whispered very quickly into her ear the secrets of stealth in Athens."

Llorien grins.

Autolycus grins.

Scheherazade recites:
"Several minutes later Autolycus sat up and said, "You will do well Pae. You may go now." He motioned for two cowled figures to show her the way out and another to take his place in the chair on his way out of the cramped room. As he strode down the road on the way to his next mark he smiled inwardly. Yes, this was going to work out just fine."

Denada giggles.

Scheherazade says, "The end, as it were"

Scheherazade grins.

Autolycus applauds Scheherazade!

Scheherazade takes a bite of her sundae.

Ingonish applauds Scheherazade!

Llorien smiles at Scheherazade.

Heartsong applauds Scheherazade!

Athena applauds Scheherazade!

Leanna grins at Scheherazade.

Xxenos applauds Scheherazade!

Anika applauds Scheherazade!

Hyzenthlay applauds Scheherazade!

Attucus asks, "now?"

Heartsong beams at Scheherazade!

Llorien applauds Scheherazade!

Finious lets out a howl for Scheherazade!

Advina applauds Scheherazade!

Jyla applauds.

Attucus applauds Scheherazade!

Autolycus asks, "Where IS Pae?"

Denada claps her hands at Scheherazade.

Kymnarkmar claps her hands at Scheherazade.

Jyla gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Epoclaen applauds Scheherazade!

Heartsong nods to Attucus.

Scheherazade grins at Attucus.

Tkeeri glances at Scheherazade.

Kalipso applauds Scheherazade!

Gojita applauds Scheherazade!

Llorien leans on Pickoer.

Finious shrugs.

Pickoer's eyes widen as he utters the name of Scheherazade!

Jherle says, "Not sure Pae would like him in her purse"

Scheherazade says, "sorry about getting all flustered there in the beginning"

Jherle chuckles.

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Scheherazade!

Autolycus says, "You'd think she wasn't interested in hearing about me."

Llorien grins.

Scheherazade says, "you guys almost got the 2 hour version"

Denada chuckles.

Scheherazade grins.

Athena says, "You did very well."

Leanna grins at Scheherazade.

Jherle applauds Scheherazade!

Athena smiles at Scheherazade.

Llorien tickles Scheherazade.

Heartsong grins at Scheherazade.

Heartsong stands up.

Llorien snaps her fingers.

Advina chuckles at Autolycus.

Fariboulloupas lets out a hearty cheer for Scheherazade!

Fariboulloupas applauds Scheherazade!

Tkeeri smiles at Heartsong.

Gojita says, "I'm hungrty"

Denada says, "poor little pae is working her fingers to the bone.."

Gojita says, "hungry even"

Denada sniffs.

Scheherazade grins at Denada.

Gojita rummages around in his pockets.

Kalipso leans on Tkeeri.

Attucus glances at Autolycus.

Epoclaen grins at Attucus.

Advina grins at Attucus.

Tkeeri appears to be checking her pockets for something, but finds them empty.

Gojita says, "'I got a whole dinar"

Hyzenthlay giggles at Attucus.

Autolycus rubs his fingers together.

Tkeeri says, "ruh roh"

Hyzenthlay rummages around in her pockets.

Leanna hands a waiter some coins.

Hyzenthlay says, "oops"

Tkeeri glances at Autolycus.

Leanna takes a drink from her spicy trima wine.

Denada squints at Autolycus.

Jherle rummages around in her pockets.

Tkeeri mutters something under her breath.

Hyzenthlay glances at Autolycus.

Denada closes her doeskin sack.

Hyzenthlay whistles tunelessly to herself.

Finious tips his floppy-brimmed hat.

Anika removes a diaphanous scarlet purse from her knitted sack.

Anika opens her scarlet purse.

Leanna peers quizzically at Heartsong.

Anika puts some dinar in a diaphanous scarlet purse.

Anika closes her scarlet purse.

Anika puts a diaphanous scarlet purse in a large white knitted sack.

Autolycus nods to Finious.

Attucus mutters incoherently at Autolycus.

Anika closes her knitted sack.

Anika winks at Autolycus.

Autolycus grins at Anika.

Kymnarkmar takes a bite of her apricots.

Heartsong exclaims, "Our next contestant is a 'Warrior with the heart of a storyteller'… Leanna!"

Scheherazade grins at Heartsong.

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Leanna!

Leanna chuckles.

Epoclaen grins at Heartsong.

Athena smiles at Leanna.

Leanna stands up.

Anika beams at Leanna!

Denada lets out a hearty cheer for Leanna!

Pickoer smiles at Leanna.

Ingonish comes out of hiding.

Ingonish claps his hands.

Denada exclaims, "go warriors!"

Autolycus applauds Leanna!

Denada claps her hands.

Epoclaen lets out a hearty cheer for Leanna!

Autolycus exclaims, "There's my girl!"

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Denada!

Tkeeri glances at Autolycus.

Tkeeri mutters something under her breath.

Jherle grins at Leanna.

Leanna says, "Alright, I am greatly surprised that we have not seen a poem yet for our poetic king of thieves.."

Anika takes a drink from her spicy trima wine.

Hyzenthlay mutters at the moment.

Jyla pouts.

Hyzenthlay flashes her teeth in a quick smile.

Jyla says, "thought I was yer girl"

Anika giggles at Jyla.

Anika says, "According to Auto, every girl is his."

Jherle says, "Jyla, everyone female is his girl"

Anika smirks.

Autolycus winks at Anika.

Leanna says, "And while I do not have a title for it, for a story about Autolycus doesn't need one.. and I just didn't want to think of one."

Llorien snuggles up close to Pickoer.

Kymnarkmar chuckles.

Gojita says, "I got no gir"

Gojita says, "l"

Llorien says, "Not every one."

Llorien winks at Pickoer.

Leanna stretches.

Gojita yawns.

Pickoer smiles at Llorien.

Epoclaen snuggles up close to Advina.

Anika snuggles up close to Aldigold.

Aldigold removes a patched faded canvas satchel from his large saddlebags.

Leanna says, "Its rather short also, for I'm rather impatient also."

You hear the voice of Ingonish say, "You know I had a crush on Auto once too."

Scheherazade chuckles.

Leanna takes a drink from her spicy trima wine.

Gojita gazes at Autolycus in admiration.

Anika peers quizzically at Aldigold.

Llorien grins.

Autolycus says, "Get to the part about me."

Pickoer exclaims, "Just get on with it!"

Leanna recites:
"There he is, but then he's not
By the law he is well sought
(not to mention the females.)
His charming smile never fails.
Mischevious as a child, as sly as a fox,
And should his eye fall on precious rocks,
They are gone from their case, and in his hands.
His head is what the law demands."
Scheherazade grins at Autolycus.
Autolycus winks at Leanna.

Leanna recites:
"King of thieves,and Lord of many hearts,
He is great company until he departs.
Infamous for his abrupt leaves
But that is Autolycus, our own King of thieves. "

Jherle nods to Finious.

Leanna winks at Autolycus.

Heartsong offers Tkeeri a woven willow basket.

Heartsong smiles at Tkeeri.

Tkeeri beams at Heartsong!

Autolycus grins at Leanna.

Tkeeri accepts Heartsong's woven willow basket.

Anika beams at Leanna!

Leanna says, "Short and sweet, like your visits, may I add."

Leanna sits down.

Llorien applauds Leanna!

Tkeeri smiles at a woven willow basket.

Anika lets out a hearty cheer for Leanna!

You hear, seemingly from nowhere, an enthusiastic voice cheering at the tops of its lungs.

Autolycus applauds Leanna!

Anika applauds Leanna!

Tkeeri hugs Heartsong.

Epoclaen applauds Leanna!

Pickoer lets out a howl for Leanna!

Scheherazade looks at Leanna and gags.

Anika accepts Aldigold's cloud-edged chalice.

Llorien grins.

Scheherazade dissolves into a fit of giggles.

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Leanna!

Pickoer laughs!

Athena applauds Leanna!

Pickoer lets out a hearty cheer for Leanna!

Attucus lets out a hearty cheer for Leanna!

Xxenos applauds Leanna!

Advina applauds Leanna!

Kymnarkmar applauds Leanna!

Gojita applauds.

Heartsong applauds Leanna!

Pickoer preens. Someone's pleased with himself!

Jherle applauds Leanna!

(Anika gives Aldigold a sip from the chalice.)

Advina kisses Epoclaen on the cheek.

You see Gojita searching around for a place to hide.

Athena says, "Blessedly short."

Tkeeri cringes.

Tkeeri glances at a woven willow basket.

Athena nods to Leanna.

Hyzenthlay applauds Leanna!

Athena blushes a bright red color.

Llorien grins at Athena.

Anika chuckles at Athena.

Athena asks, "Did I say that?"

Athena blushes a bright red color.

Xxenos grins at Athena.

Kymnarkmar takes a drink from her hot jasmine tea.

Anika nods to Athena.

Jyla applauds.

Llorien nods to Athena.

Gojita says, "I can't hide in the thickest forest."

Gojita pouts.

Autolycus asks, "I thought you were impartial?"

Leanna says, "I've not heard of a warrior with a long attention span."

Anika says, "And well-said, Lady."

Autolycus glances at Athena.

Tkeeri hums to a woven willow basket.

Jherle says, "Short and sweet is sometimes the best way to go"

Leanna takes a drink from her spicy trima wine.

Llorien grins at Leanna.

Denada glances at Leanna.

Pickoer nods to Jherle.

Tkeeri shows Kalipso her woven willow basket.

Athena says, "Forgive me. Go on, Heartsong."

Kalipso beams at Tkeeri!

Leanna grins at Athena.

Pickoer says, "Its not easy getting the point across in so little words. But SHE can do it."

Tkeeri asks, "see our littlest Amazon?"

Athena smiles secretly to herself.

Kalipso nods to Tkeeri.

Tkeeri smiles at Kalipso.

You hear the voice of Ingonish ask, "kinda like Auto right Jherle?"

Attucus says, "naw shorts the best way nothing sweet about it hehe"

Tkeeri hums to a woven willow basket.

Kalipso says, "we will train her well."

Kalipso winks at Heartsong. Heartsong says, "Leanna was our last official contestant…Now while the judges are deliberating, Jherle wants to entertain us as well. But she doesn't wish to compete."

Hyzenthlay chuckles.

Jherle stands up.

Autolycus says, "Aw, Jherle…"

Tkeeri smiles at Jherle.

Athena smiles at Jherle.

Heartsong says, "oh,"

Anika offers Aldigold a marble cloud-edged chalice.

Leanna says, "Watch your possessions after you finish Jherle."

Tkeeri hums to a woven willow basket.

Epoclaen shakes his head at Heartsong and clucks his tongue.

Leanna grins at Jherle.

Scheherazade says, "oh I didn't wanna compete either"

Aldigold accepts Anika's cloud-edged chalice.

Scheherazade grins.

You hear the voice of Ingonish ask, "Is it a dance number Jherle?"

Advina gasps at Heartsong!

Jherle says, "Well, I can't take credit for this story cause I dug it up from some research"

Anika taps a goblet of spicy trima wine.

Anika smiles at Aldigold.

Heartsong says, "Wait Jherle."

Autolycus says, "But you were thinking of me."

Aldigold puts a marble cloud-edged chalice in a patched faded canvas satchel.

Aldigold puts a patched faded canvas satchel in some large saddlebags.

Jherle says, "And I tend to go for truth rather than flattery"

Kymnarkmar takes a bite of her apricots.

Jherle asks, "Yes Heartsong?"

Jyla says, "uh oh"

Attucus snickers at Jherle.

Heartsong says, "Epoc has a story, I wasn't told."

(Anika gives Aldigold a sip of the spicy trima wine.)

Tkeeri smiles as she gently rocks the basket back and forth whiling humming an old Amazon lullabye.

Epoclaen grins at Heartsong.

Heartsong blushes a bright red color.

Jherle says, "I can wait"

Epoclaen mumbles something under his breath.

Anika laughs!

Athena says, "The truth is noble."

Anika pats Heartsong on the shoulder.

Heartsong smiles at Jherle.

Jherle nods to Athena.

Anika says, "Blame Skorche, Epoc."

Heartsong says, "Sorry, folks."

Anika winks at Epoclaen.

Scheherazade says, "I can't see you in a library for some reason"

Scheherazade glances at Jherle.

Epoclaen says, "so much for stand in MCs"

You hear the voice of Ingonish ask, "Odd that eh Epo?"

Jherle settles down onto the ground.

Epoclaen pats Heartsong on the knee.

Epoclaen stands up.

Heartsong hugs Epoclaen.

Epoclaen pats Heartsong on the shoulder.

Autolycus asks, "Where is Skorched?"

Denada snickers.

Epoclaen hugs Heartsong.

Heartsong says, "I don't know."

Leanna says, "I think Heart's doing a wonderful job taking this up like she is."

Jherle smiles at Scheherazade.

Epoclaen says, "he went for a swim and someoine stole his clothes"

Anika nods to Leanna.

Tkeeri nods to Leanna.

Anika nods to Leanna.

Epoclaen chuckles to himself.

Heartsong looks at Leanna and blushes.

Anika giggles at Epoclaen.

Kymnarkmar applauds Heartsong!

Jherle says, "I'm an educated centaur"

Attucus lets out a hearty cheer for Heartsong!

Heartsong laughs!

Anika says, "That doesn't stop everyone."

Anika smirks.

Advina chuckles at Epoclaen.

Epoclaen grins at Anika.

Athena says, "Heartsong is doing an admirable job."

Scheherazade nods to Jherle.

You hear the voice of Ingonish say, "He's alittle tied up at the moment"

Kymnarkmar smiles at Heartsong.

Tkeeri beams at Athena!

Gojita says, "Heart is good at everything."

Tkeeri lets out a howl for Heartsong!

Heartsong asks, "Well, Epoc is next then…anyone else I might have missed?"

Anika says, "Get out here Ingonish so I can give you the dirty look you deserve."

Heartsong looks at Gojita and blushes.

Tkeeri glances at a woven willow basket.

Llorien grins at Anika.

Tkeeri makes a shushing noise.

Epoclaen says, "Ok, this is called… The Shimmering Cloak."

Tkeeri hums to a woven willow basket.

Epoclaen turns toward Autolycus.

Autolycus asks, "What, aren't you telling a story about me, Heartlove?"

Advina beams at Epoclaen!

Epoclaen recites:
"Two peasants hurried through the streets of Corinth, talking and chatting excited to one another as they
hurried down the busy streets. The town was bustling with activity lately as preparations were being made for the engagement party of King Bucephalus's daughter to the son of Epimandosas of Thebes. The union of the two would open great trade possibilities between the two towns who had, up until the engagement announcement, been squabbling over some boundary disputes."

Hyzenthlay smiles at Anika.

Gojita gazes at Autolycus with a grim look on his face.

Epoclaen recites:
"It also secured Bucephalus's lineage since he never had a son of his own. Whence the king died he would turn the Rod of Corinth over to his eldest daughter who would rule after him. The fates had professed that the holder of the Rod would never fail to produce a fitting heir and King Bucephalus was as happy with his strong willed daughter as he would have been with any son."

Epoclaen recites:
"But the famed Rod of Corinth was of little concern to the two chattering women this morning or to anyone else for that matter. They carried a bundle of fine silk from the warehouses near the gate towards the high hill in the center of town."

Hyzenthlay removes her onyx friendship ring.

Hyzenthlay puts an onyx friendship ring on one of her fingers.

Epoclaen recites:
""I understand that the silk that just arrived has been in the harvesting stages for more than a year and that each strand was hand picked by the Emperor of Chi'n himself!" said the one woman to the other."

Epoclaen recites:
""…and I hear that after that they had a high priestess bless the strands one by one with numerous strange incantations and rituals that elude my humble understanding." said the other mimicking the priestess' ritual with ridiculous hand gestures."

Hyzenthlay jumps to her feet!

Epoclaen recites:
""…and I heard that Mistress Phoebe has hired the best weavers from the gates of the rising sun to the door of the setting moon to assist her in the cloak-making," countered the other again."

Heartsong nods to Attucus.

Epoclaen recites:
""All know that her hands are the most skilled with a needle and thread in all of Zeus' realm!""

Heartsong smiles at Autolycus.

Epoclaen recites:
""Oh yes!" agreed the other. "and it will be ever more wonderful when the gold is properly processed and threaded throughout it! The gold from the Golden Fleece 'tis said it is!""

Epoclaen recites:
""Surely, this will be the most precious shimmering cloak in all the world!" exclaimed the other in excitement as their talk faded out of earshot on their way towards the citadel."

Epoclaen recites:
"The street vendors held little regard for the tall, dark haired figure stepping silently from the shadows, staring off at the departing gossip-mongers with interest as a delighted smile crossed on his face ."

Epoclaen recites:
"Hercules scoped the town square in search of the entrance to the citadel. So crowded were the streets that even with his towering height the doors were obscured from his view. What he also didn't see as he strode along was the man whom he ran right into with a startled jump. He began to brush the man off and gave a humble apology until he recognized whom it was he had run into."

Tkeeri smiles at the baby that lies sleeping peacefully in the basket within her hands.

Heartsong smiles at Tkeeri.

Jherle nods to Finious.

Tkeeri leans on Kalipso.

Epoclaen recites:
""Autolycus! What are you doing here?"
"Oh!" began Autolycus, "erm, uh just wandering about some. Here, you dropped your wallet. Good thing for you I was here or who knows what might have happened to it!" he said with a somewhat apologetic, somewhat embarrassed smile.
Hercules gave Autolycus an accusing look as he took his wallet back, "and where did you come from? You were supposed to be in Corsica I thought.""

Autolycus grins.

Epoclaen recites:
""Oh well I had a commission from the King there - he's a poor childless fellow you know - but it's nothing I can speak of… you understand.""

Advina chuckles.

Finious just went out.

Epoclaen recites:
"Hercules didn't appreciate Autolycus' clever smirk but he was more concerned with protecting the cloak that was being made at great expense for Bucephalus's daughter's engagement party, which was drawing some attention from the less scrupulous citizens in the area."

Epoclaen recites:
""I hope he didn't give you any ideas about laying your hands on that cloak Autolycus?"
"Cloak? Whatdya mean?" he asked quizzically as a hurt expression passed over his usually brilliant features. "I'm here to bear witness to the loveliness and pageantry of an entire city celebrating the planned union of these two great kids!""

Autolycus says, "That's right."

Llorien smirks.

Autolycus nods to Epoclaen.

Epoclaen recites:
"Autolycus gazed around in mock admiration of the activity of the vendors selling their wares for the coming festivities to the throngs of townsfolk. Whether he was admiring the great planning that was going on or all the dinars lining the pockets of the people in the street, Hercules was rather unclear about."

Gojita says, "sure"

Epoclaen nods to Autolycus.

Denada smiles.

Hyzenthlay sits at Vaage's feet.

Advina grins at Autolycus.

Vaage sits down next to Hyzenthlay.

Autolycus Storytelling Contest part 3

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