Bacchus' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Bacchus's Tent]
Dark iron candelabras raise from the floor to illuminate the room, causing a sensual mix of light and shadows to intertwine with one another. Wine barrels cover one wall of the tent, stacked upright rather than on their sides as if to provide impromptu seating. Crimson silk drapes from the ceiling, brushing against visitor's faces and necks lightly, yet something about the tent serves as a reminder that silk is the strongest fabric. A few chains hang in the tent's entry, occasionally clinking together.

A deep blood red display

  • a dark iron garnet-hilted dagger with a serrated blade
  • some dark leather bracers set with bloodstones
  • a red Bacchus nutcracker, a red chain-wrapped globe
  • a fierce bacchae doll
  • a darkened silver slave bracelet set with a rich red ruby in the center
  • a pair of solid gold wrist gauntlets
  • a stuffed Bacchus doll
  • a heavy ornate gold band set with a single bloodstone
  • a black marble Bacchus statuette

A deep blood red rack

  • a black leather belt weighed down by dark iron chains
  • a wrapped iron wire choker set with dark red garnets
  • some thin iron hip-chains
  • a tight black leather dress with a dangerously high slit on the side
  • a loosely laced black silk open front vest
  • a strapped leather weapon harness wrapped in chains
  • an open black silk tunic with leather straps at the arms and wide cuffs
  • a long black gown made from the sheerest Egyptian linen

A deep blood red trunk

  • a crimson two-piece swim suit with thin dark iron chains at the hips and shoulders
  • a dark leather thigh pouch with a bloodstone clasp
  • a heavy gold band set with a dark red garnet
  • a solid gold ankle cuff with a trailing chain clasp
  • a dark bloodstone hair clasp and a heavy solid gold slave collar

A wooden horse

  • a dark burgundy and black leather saddle pad hung with lengths of chain
  • an intricate iron wire tailwrap set with bloodstones and red garnet
  • a heavy dark leather bridle set with red garnets and dark bloodstone
  • a wispy black caparison offering glimpses of bacchae beneath its shroud
  • some heavy black leather reins wrapped with small hanging iron chains
  • a blood red saddle shrouded with black linen and hung with iron chains
  • a heavy black studded leather harness wrapped in dangling iron chains
  • a black leather bridle
  • a black leather saddle with bones dangling from the sides
  • a black felt saddle blanket edged with a frill of bone

A deep blood red fishtank

  • a dark granite Bacchus with chalice
  • a bacchae sculpture

A deep blood red shelf

  • a darkened silver flowing scroll and diamond ring
  • a red iron leaf and vine diadem
  • a blackened silver hinged arm cuff
  • a sheer dark crimson off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with a very short skirt
  • a darkened silver armband composed of thick entwined chains
  • a maroon leather chariot vest
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