A native of Thera, Basilikos's exact age has not been revealed though he has indicated that he is over a hundred years old. From conversations, it seems likely that he is much older than even that. What is known of his history is that he was the eldest son of an aristocratic family of Thera who were also renowned hunters of the undead on the isle. It would seem the undead did not care for this too much, for they attacked the castle in which Basilikos lived, delibrately turning him and leaving him starved for blood in the hopes that he would kill his family himself.

He managed to refrain, but was run out by his own family… who were slaughtered by the vrykolakas in his absence due to their sheer numbers. Basilikos continues to reside in his family home, but it has now been opened largely for Vrykolakas to come and go as they please, as long as they follow the rules. Due to this, it seems Basilikos has taken up a leadership role in the vrykolakas community and is known for trying to solve matters with diplomacy. Lenore is the only vrykolakas that we are aware of who can completely override him, being an ancient and more powerful than him. She does seem to take delight in being doted on by him, however, which has often turned her wrath away from Athens itself. Basilikos takes the animal form of a large black tomcat, retaining his noticeable silver eyes.

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