Bastion's Finery

[Bastion's Finery]
Ready to display the tailor's greatest creations, mannequins of all shapes and sizes stand at attention along the walls. There's even a mannequin that looks designed for mermaids and mermen, tail and all. Long bamboo poles bearing swatches of fabric jut out of their wall holders like flags. A simple sandstone counter stands near the back of the shop as if it were reticent to join the display up front. You also see the tailor Bastion and an ash door.

1   a bodice                                         Price 12        
2   a shirt                                          Price 4         
3   a tunic                                          Price 4         
4   a vest                                           Price 5         
5   a caparison                                      Price 10        
6   a pair of pants                                  Price 10        
7   a skirt                                          Price 5         
8   a pair of trousers                               Price 6         
9   a chiton                                         Price 8         
10  a peplos                                         Price 6         
11  a robe                                           Price 8         
12  a toga                                           Price 8         
13  a cape                                           Price 10        
14  a chlamys                                        Price 9         
15  a cloak                                          Price 15        
16  a himation                                       Price 22        

17  a beaded headpiece                               Price 200       
18  a chiffon half-veil                              Price 100       
19  a beaded satin choli                             Price 500       
20  a pair of chiffon arm-drapes                     Price 200       
21  a satin shalwar                                  Price 300       
22  a silk hip-scarf                                 Price 200

Most items may be customized with a color, material or both.
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