Basto's Survival Gear

[Cavern Village, Survival Gear]
This small carved out alcove is full of survival gear ranging from beat up tents folded in the corners to stacks and bedrolls and large backpacks leaning against just about every surface available. Small shelves have been carved into a wall behind a rough wooden counter, the splintering boards lined with food supplies and cooking utensils. The shop is cramped and dark but despite the jumbled collection of gear it is relatively clean and well organized. You also see Chief Scout Basto.

1   a small carving knife                           Price 5   
2   a jagged black flintstone                       Price 35  
3   an insulated  canteen                           Price 300
4   a sturdy  lantern                               Price 500
5   a rolled sleeping roll                          Price 450
6   a candle                                        Price 1  
7   a paper marshmallow bag                         Price 5   
8   a paper chocolate package                       Price 15  
9   a paper honey cracker box                       Price 10  
10  a paper sausage container                       Price 35  
11  a paper meat package                            Price 35  
12  a paper fish container                          Price 25  
13  a paper shrimp container                        Price 40  


None Some Items are available in custome *colors* and _materials_.
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