Battlecraft moves are learned by reading the relevant manual. These are found in the Militial building, of the NW Quadrant. You must then STUDY the manual to learn the skill. The numbers next to the Move is the amount of skill you need to learn it.

To execute a Battlecraft move, use "BATTLECRAFT (or just BC) <move> <opponent>".
For a full list of Battlecraft moves that you know, use "BC LIST".

BC STOMP (4) - Causes a small amount of extra roundtime for your opponent. (Tattered manual)

BC SUMMON (20) - Used to summon the critters listed below: (Sturdy manual)

# lvl name
1 10 a hawk
2 30 a falcon
3 50 an eagle

BC STUN (40) - Stuns your opponent for a brief amount of time (Crimson manual)

BC SLASH (60) - Unleashes a swift attack (or two) on your opponent (Pristine manual)

BC KNOCKDOWN (80) - Knocks your opponent to the ground for a brief amount of time (Leather manual)

BC CHARGE (120) - Engages your opponent instantly with an attack, good chance of stun & knockdown. Will not work if opponent is already down. (Scarred manual)

BC IMMOBILIZE (140) - Freezes your opponent for a brief amount of time(Battered manual)

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