Becoming A Member Of The Trust

To become a member of the Trust, one must first prove their dedication to the cause by slaying enough undead. When you believe you are ready, you must seek out the Priestess of Persephone and ask her about the Trust. The priestess wanders the roads of Athens Northwest, but has also been seen to the Southwest and at Halade Gate. If you are ready, she will tell you to seek out the temple and give you instructions about what to do once there. If you are not ready, she will tell you so, and it just means you must kill more undead.

The breakdown:

  1. Kill undead.
  2. Find the wandering Priestess of Persephone.
  3. ASK her about TRUST.
  4. Go to Hades' shrine in the SW Quadrant. Map here.
  5. Follow the Priestess's instructions.

If you are still having trouble, spoiler here.

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