Benevolent Dictator Tearoom

[The Benevolent Dictator Tearoom]
Polished silverware is arranged on starched, white linen tablecloths. Finely cut wine glasses and white linen napkins culminate the presentation — in short, this is a rather fancy restaurant. The staff is extraordinarily friendly and professional towards all guests, and the bills may very well reflect this. You also see a waiter, a menu and a green door.

     Welcome to Benevolent Dictator Tearoom!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         4    a buttery scone
      2         8    a cucumber sandwich
      3        10    a smoked lox sandwich
      4         9    a roast beef sandwich
      5         5    a delicate pastry
      6         1    a glass of water
      7         6    a cup of herb tea
      8        10    a cup of select green tea
      9         9    a cup of oolong tea
     10         5    a glass of white wine
     11         5    a glass of rose wine
     12         5    a glass of red wine
     13        10    a flute of sparkling white wine
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