Bent Sword Armor And Greaves

[Bent Sword Armor and Greaves]
A few breastplates and studded leathers hang from large, iron hooks fastened to the ceiling. All manner of shields, from plain leather-cover bucklers to ornate ones of lusterous bronze, are displayed on the walls. The well-polished wooden counter is manned by a comely, red-haired woman with an air of stern authority.

1   a leather helmet                                  Price 44        
2   a bronze helm                                     Price 80        
3   some leather arm greaves                          Price 30        
4   some leather leg greaves                          Price 35        
5   some bronze arm greaves                           Price 50        
6   some bronze leg greaves                           Price 50        
7   some light leather                                Price 50        
8   some studded leather                              Price 115       
9   some ringmail                                     Price 120       
10  a chain shirt                                     Price 110       
11  a chain hauberk                                   Price 120       
12  a bronze breastplate                              Price 125       
13  a buckler                                         Price 65        
14  a bronze hoplon                                   Price 118       
15  an iron great helm                                Price 6400     


A few items may be customized with a color.
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