Bertrum's Fish And Tackle Shop Showroom

[Bertrum's Fish and Tackle Shop, Showroom]
The air is not surprisingly heavy with the smell of fish. Shelves full of merchandise imported from around the world certainly suggest that Bertrum knows his business. An entryway through the north wall is lined by several large fish which are preserved and mounted on the wall. An enclosed trophy case which hangs on the south wall houses several trophies. You also see Bertrum.

1   some light fishing line                           Price 2         
2   some medium fishing line                          Price 5         
3   some heavy fishing line                           Price 7         
4   a small fish hook                                 Price 2         
5   a medium fish hook                                Price 5         
6   a large fish hook                                 Price 7         
7   a tackle box                                      Price 35        
8   a light stringer                                  Price 20        
9   a heavy stringer                                  Price 40        
10  a large creel                                     Price 100       
11  a bait box                                        Price 20        


The stringers may be customized with a color.
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