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22 Nov 2014 01:50

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We may or may not use this area to pass on information about the site in the future that does not fit as an actual page on said wiki. This will be a sort of meta area on the wiki itself.

For the first post we'll explain a few things about the move. Basically our former host decided to give their wiki site a more corporate slant and removed all payment options, making anyone who wished to have a wiki contact and speak with a sales representative. This also came with a significant price hike, one we were not held to due to being grandfathered in as one of their loyal and faithful customers who were there from the beginning. Well… credit cards expire and you can probably guess the rest.

But we think that, after many failed experiments with other sites and a lot of research, that Wikidot was our best bet for a good looking wiki with easy to use controls for our content providers. We did opt for one of the pro licenses so that we have a bit more freedom with it. All of the pages were moved over page by page, copy and pasted and reformatted since PBWiki's engine was proprietary and exported pages simply would not import correctly. If anything was missed please feel free to add it back in, we did our best to make sure everything came over intact… some even improved with spelling corrections and basic formatting applied.

Thanks for your patience with the move and we hope you do take the time to sign up with us again! We think you will find the system very user friendly and easy to use after a bit of practice.

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