Blue Lotus Inn

[The Blue Lotus Inn, Dining Room]
More fountains trickle water all over, some emptying into a babbling streambed that winds its way through the dining room. Small bamboo footbridges are cunningly built to allow people to cross to tables beyond the running water and several lotus flowers float through the circular stream. Almost every table is full of people either waiting for their meals, in the middle of their meals, or enjoying an after lunch cup of tea. You also see the tavern keeper, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Blue Lotus Inn!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         7    a roasted pigeon shawirma
      2         4    a plate of deep-fried falaafil
      3         6    some rabbit and molokhiyya stew
      4         7    a bowl of lamb torly
      5         7    a bowl of garlic braised gambari
      6         2    some honey drenched kanafa
      7         1    a clear glass of mayya shurb
      8         3    a steaming cup of karkaday
      9         3    a cup of Bedouin shay
     10         4    a demitasse of ahwa sada
     11         4    a demitasse of ahwa ariha
     12         4    a demitasse of ahwa mazboot
     13         4    a demitasse of ahwaziyada
     14         8    an elegant glass of white wine
     15        10    a shot of zibib
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