Cafe de Vine

[Cafe de Vine]
The small grass landing features a large willow tree which sits right in the middle of the bar acting like a roof. The tree has been carved out so that the bottles of wine and glasses can be stored in its trunk. Surrounding the round cherrywood bar are tall cherrywood stools. You also see Rapture, a wooden bridge, a lovely garden and a wine and cheese list.

     Welcome to Cafe de Vine!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        17    a bottle of Salamis naxian mavros
      2        15    a bottle of Salamis Reserve lamproseorti
      3        17    a bottle of Salamis naxian geros
      4        17    a bottle of Salamis naxian aspros
      5        20    an ewer of Ceos Isle District perissotero
      6        18    a carafe of white zitsa wine
      7        25    an amphora of late harvest anthosmias
      8        22    a cruse of Amorgos Isle shiraz
      9        19    a flagon of Pheres District retsina
     10        30    an ewer of Ceos Isle trapezi krasi
     11        55    a decanter of Greenfield's megalosparti
     12        24    an amphora of Elis muscat nerochytis
     13         3    a hunk of vintage kefalotyri
     14         5    a bowl of fresh curd cheese
     15         6    a wedge of soft graveria cheese
     16         6    a large wedge of mild metsovo
     17         4    a wedge of blue-veined cheese
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