Cafe Norseman

[Cafe Norseman]
A small counter covered with various food items for snacks takes up most of the interior of this small, open-air cafe. Several wooden statues of some strange woodland creatures line the walls of the shop, seemingly following patrons with their painted eyes. The strong smell of both pickled herring and lambchops in one sniff is a not so subtle reminder that the food here is varied and fresh. You also see the tavern keeper and a tavern menu.

     Welcome to Cafe Norseman!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a mug of ale
      2         4    a tall glass of pilsner
      3         4    a mug of honey mjod
      4         5    a venison sausage
      5         5    a plate of boiled cod
      6         5    a slab of smoked salmon
      7         6    some pickled herring
      8         7    a bowl of reindeer meatballs
      9         4    a salted fish
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