Cask and Keg

[The Cask and Keg, Tavern]
The dark floor retains a dull luster from what must have once been a thick coating of varnish, now worn down by the constant spills, thrills, and scuffings that go hand in hand with tavern life. A thick wooden bar dominates the back of the room, its surface riddled with blade marks but still smooth enough to slide a tankard or a plate of steaming hot grape leaves down. You also see the tavern keeper Apollodorus and a doorway leading into the back.

     Welcome to Cask and Keg!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         2    some lamb stuffed grape leaves
      2         5    a mug of light red chianti
      3        10    a jar of purple wine
      4         3    a skewer of spiced lamb
      5         5    a honey-dipped phyllo cookie
      6         6    an amphora of goat milk
      7         2    a cup of sweet lassi
      8        10    a cup of young coconut milk
      9         2    a large green leek
     10         3    a slice of lightly honeyed melon
     11         5    a handful of candied dandelions
     12         3    a bowl of seared calf liver
     13         4    a loaf of lotus flour bread
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