Celina's Sturdy Weaponry

[Celina's Sturdy Weaponry]
Various weapons hang from racks built into the walls or lay stacked against stands scattered all around the shop. Several cases display beautifully crafted weapons, most unique to the Amazon tribe's crafters. You can hear the ringing and clanging of metal against stone coming from within the smithy in the back along with bursts of heated air. Celina proudly demonstrates her creations as she assists her customers with their choice of weapons. You also see Celina.

1   a double-edged handaxe                            Price 35        
2   a long stave bow                                  Price 65        
3   a blade-tipped lasso                              Price 17        
4   a heavy gastraphete                               Price 60        
5   a leather sling                                   Price 5         
6   a bronze-banded battle staff                      Price 26        
7   a coiled chain bola                               Price 36        
8   a polished horn-hilted longsword                  Price 65       

9   a pair of hand-carved chobos                      Price 24        
10  a thong-wrapped sarissa                           Price 20        
11  a wavy-bladed dagger                              Price 35

Most of the items may be customized with a color.
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