Centurion Shields

[Centurion Shields]
Deep shadows and the creak of metal rubbing against leather are all that greet visitors at this time of night. That and some unseen creature with blazing pale amber eyes that is hiding off in the back.

1   a silver-rimmed buckler                           Price 99        
2   an iron-rimmed buckler                            Price 125       
3   a silver buckler                                  Price 1320      
4   an iron buckler                                   Price 5280      
5   a silver-rimmed shield                            Price 150       
6   an iron-rimmed shield                             Price 169       
7   a silver shield                                   Price 2299      
8   an iron shield                                    Price 8999      

9   a steel buckler                                   Price 19999     
10  a steel shield                                    Price 34999

Some of these items may be customized with a color.
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