Chariots Of Fire

[Festival of the Gods, Chariots of Fire]
This large showroom is actually a converted stable, but each of the stalls has been decorated with the utmost care to show off the valuable merchandise within. A dais in the center of the shop holds this year's chariot models, all shown in the best light with all of the options right down to the padded seats and spiked rims. Signs all over the shop promise same day financing and amazing deals on trade-ins, but there is always fine print. You also see an important sign, a red catalogue and a blue catalogue.

Be sure to look at the catalogue before deciding what to buy. All sales are final and, due to demand, all customers are LIMITED to TWO mounts a piece. These creatures cannot be ridden, but will pull a chariot which you can then ride instead.

  a golden maned lion with a fierce stormy blue eyes - Zeus
    (BUY LION to purchase)
  a giant green and yellow shelled tortoise with swirl-marked scales - Apollo
    (BUY TORTOISE to purchase)
  a tall and elegant black and white Cypress donkey - Aphrodite
    (BUY ELEGANT DONKEY to purchase)
  a large green-scaled riding snake adorned with eagle feathers - Hermes
    (BUY SNAKE to purchase)
  a pure white stallion with hardened brass hooves and a golden mane - Poseidon
    (BUY WHITE STALLION to purchase)
  a lithe brown and tan spotted deer with a pure white tail - Demeter
    (BUY DEER to purchase)
  a black razorback boar with a spiked mane and sharpened tusks - Persephone
    (BUY BOAR to purchase)
  a large winged serpent with multi-colord prismatic scales - Iris
    (BUY SERPENT to purchase)
  a horned grey and white goat heavily laden with skins of wine - Pan
    (BUY GOAT to purchase)
  an enormous black bear with a moon-shaped patch of white fur on its chest - Artemis
    (BUY BEAR to purchase)

  a well muscled sleek black panther with a long and sinuous tail - Athena
    (BUY PANTHER to purchase)
  a large gelded stallion with a piebald coat and coal black mane - Hestia
    (BUY GELDED STALLION to purchase)
  a bow-legged donkey with a black spiked mane and short tail - Hephaestus
    (BUY BOW-LEGGED DONKEY to purchase)
  an energetic little roan pony with citrine barrettes in its mane - Hebe
    (BUY PONY to purchase)
  an enormous black ram with massive curved gold and silver horns - Hades
    (BUY RAM to purchase)
  a majestic black bull with gold-capped horns and fierce eyes - Hera
    (BUY BULL to purchase)
  a large war hound with iron-plated claws and vicious teeth - Ares
    (BUY HOUND to purchase)
  a massive ebon arachniati with its black scaled chitin boasting red tassles - Discord
    (BUY ARACHNIATI to purchase)
  a goofy looking hyena bedecked with googly eyes and pasted on wings - Dionysus
    (BUY HYENA to purchase)
  a large silver wolf coated in a shimmering layer of luster dust - Bacchus
    (BUY WOLF to purchase)
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