Cheimosnas's Quilts

[Cheimosnas's Quilts]
Cheimonsnas, the local quilt maker, offers her fine wares to the community from her small home. Fur quilts in various states of completion are laid out around the orderly room in neat, folded piles. Situated under a small window is a plain wooden table and a low bed of furs for the shopkeeper. Golden sunlight fills the room.

1   a patched doeskin quilt                           Price 45        
2   a coarse elks-hide quilt                          Price 75        
3   a tan duck down-filled quilt                      Price 80        
4   a soft purple bedbug fur quilt                    Price 60        
5   a shaggy wolfskin quilt                           Price 50        
6   a grey fur-lined quilt                            Price 40        
7   a thick brown deerskin quilt                      Price 75        
8   a tattered rat skin quilt                         Price 25        

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