[Chersonissos, Thalassa Circle]
The street passes the tall marble pillars of a building that, judging from its size and construction, must once have served as the village temple. The prayers of worshippers have since been replaced by rhetoric and debate in what has become the village's forum. Further south, the street draws itself toward an inevitable meeting with the mountain.

Cherosnissos is a town on the northern shores of Crete, nearly smack in the center of the island. An entrance to the minotaur labyrinth can be found in the south of town. Knossos lies northeast, so it is fair to say that this entrance is probably some sort of back door. Crete is littered with caverns and tunnels, so it is hard to say where all of them go.

The village is quaint and small, but provides a place to rest and shop while visiting the island.


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