Clovius is the most musically inclined of the Fae. Even his laughter seems like music. He is also one of the most flippant, seeming to never let himself be upset for very long and mocking Fostismeras for his closeness to the Athenians. Capable of great wrath (he once threatened to make sure Athens would no longer even be a spot on the map if Fostismeras died from aiding the Athenians) he is also the Fae that tends to bring the most cheer to an occasion. He also does not seem to recall his original form, changing from male to female on whim, so while is called 'he' for the purposes of this entry, this is not a guaranteed bet. He and Fostismeras seem close, and Clovius refers to his friend teasingly as 'the gardener'. Like Fostismeras, he is a flirt, but seemingly more out of wanting the attention of it than because he has any real interest. He also is the best at dealing with Faileas, able to keep her amused and out of the way longer than the more easily irritated Fostismeras.

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