Confection Shop

[Jerof's Confections]
The rich aroma of baked, sweet pastries hangs heavy in the air blanketing the interior of this small shop. Against the white painted walls, polished shelves and display cases are filled with Jerof's offerings of candies and pastries. You also see Jerof, a silver-edged menu and a polished counter.

     Welcome to Confection Shop!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a handful of sugar-coated dates
      2         6    a piece of almond baklava
      3         4    a sesame-coated honey stick
      4         4    a honey-coated loukoumades
      5         3    a slice of pumpkin pie
      6         5    some candied orange slices
      7         8    a glass of soumatha
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