Cronik's Holy Emporium

[Cronik's Holy Emporium]
This small, one-room shop is cluttered and cramped, its walls crowded with tiny shrines and alcoves bearing figurines and symbols of metal, wood and bone. Small boxes and barrels are stacked along the wooden shelf on the wall behind the counter, holding tools and relics to aid the worthy in their worship of the gods. By the larger shrine in the far corner containing a single hammer and a large anvil, one might guess for which of these gods Cronik tends special devotion. You also see Cronik.

1   a tiny figurine                                  Price 3         
2   an anvil figurine                                 Price 3         
3   a sunburst figurine                               Price 3         
4   a crescent figurine                               Price 3         
5   a lightning symbol                                Price 3         
6   a caduceus symbol                                 Price 3         
7   a sickle symbol                                   Price 3         
8   a piece of metal                                 Price 1         
9   a chunk of ore                                   Price 1         
10  a candle                                         Price 2       


The candle may be customized with a color. All other items with a material.
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