Cube Waterbomb Ball Die

The following is a list of instructions to follow to form a paper cube. Once a cube is made you can do several things with it… okay, maybe just four. You can mark the cube with a quill to turn it into a rollable die. You can toss the cube around like a ball. You can pour water into the cube and turn it into a tossable waterbomb. Lastly, you can slap the cube to make it explode like a noise maker.

CREASE - Make a crease in the paper to begin.
FOLD NORMAL - Fold in the corners and sides.
FOLD NORMAL - Fold both sides and the top to center.
PULL - Fold the two flaps down on both sides.
TUCK - Tuck the flaps into the pockets created.
OPEN - Blow into the hole to open the model into a cube.
MARK - Optional to make the cube into a die.

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