Deasher's Uncommon Cures

[Deasher's Uncommon Cures]
A riot of scents — from stale wine to rose petals and anything and everything in between — swirl noxiously in the air from the half-open doors and drawers of the healer's numerous cabinets. If there is any order to the arrangement of herbs and more exotic ingredients or potions and poultices, it defies all reason. You also see Deasher who is sitting, a small black iron cauldron suspended over a firepit and a gouged oak table with a stained book on it.

1   a P3 honey-ginseng elixir                         Price 9         
2   a P6 honey-ginseng elixir                         Price 36        
3   a P9 honey-ginseng elixir                         Price 49        
4   a pungent purple tonic                            Price 50        
5   a minor pale blue antidote                        Price 40        
6   a lesser pale blue antidote                       Price 96        
7   a pale blue antidote                              Price 120       
8   a greater pale blue antidote                      Price 120    

9   a superior pale blue antidote                     Price 160
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