December 1998

December 31 - Sind found us a new watering hole today called The Cask and Keg. There's also a distillery in the backroom that will make wine and olive oil for alchemists. And, yes Bonk, they have two varieties of milk! To get there simply umm…well, it's not too simple, from the Chandlery in NE Quad go east twice, northeast once, then east twice again…I guess it's kinda simple after all. If you don't wanna walk all the way there but wanna see what they have give my NE Quadrant Price List a looksie.

December 30 - Seems a centaur named Torgon came into town tonight to give Dokx a message from the queen of the Amazons that said for him to come meet her in the meadow by where the Amazons dwelled at his convenience. Seems none of us, Dokx included, has any idea where this meadow is or how to even go about getting there, and since Torgon took Dokx's reply back to the queen I would guess he won't be of much help, so keep an eye out forr Amazons folks! Thanks for letting me know Dordie.

December 28 - Well, I was about to sing a song this morning when I saw "A vision quickly enters your mind of Sasebo screaming in agony while chained to the ground and being slowly burned." So I grabbed some folks and hightailed it to the tent. When we get there, Discord pops in and has a little chat with us saying that she was responsible for sending me the vision and that the lever we need to get down to Sasebo was taken and hidden. After a bit the dark haze came and filled the tent and Discord made a hasty exit and when a voice boomed "Leave this tent now!" so did we. After a bit of pondering we go back to look for the lever and a lone tiny red spider arrived and ran out of the room. We kept following it and it eventually led us back into Fedmire's tent, it didn't attack or anything, just cackled and glared at us until it shouted "Fools!" and we were locked in the tent again. (Yes the spider talked) So a few spiders came and attacked us, luckily Oregano stunned them and got them held with boas and we managed to kill them without losing anybody, and during the battle the pretty bluebird showed up.

Oddly after the battle there were some leather pants on the web and the bluebird was answering yes or no questions but didn't say anything useful before the dark haze came back and scared it off. We wandered into the cave and cemetary looking for the lever and went back by the tent on the way to check Thebes when we spotted the lever inside. Well, we went inside and a lever kept appearing and disappearing, when I had a chance I tried pulling it but it wouldn't let me and when the haze arrived we decided to get out of there. Discord came later and told us that she wasn't going to help us and killed Oregano for calming her, she also said that the spirit's name was Cresus, "Nasty, nasty, nasty, evil, evil, evil" "Compared to it, I am Aphrodite!" according to Discord. When Discord left, apprently Ares wanted dinner or something, we foolishly decided to stay in the tent when the haze appeared and were swarmed by spiders and all killed.

December 25 - Seems Discord paid Westly a visit while he was hunting in timberwolves, he didn't say much of what she said but when the people at the gate found out they immediately went to her temple and began insulting her statue. After a bit Ingonish said maybe she's just misunderstood and Discord popped in to voice her agreement. She chatted with the group a bit, zapped Melodone out of the room twice, but didn't say anything too useful about Fedmire or Sasebo or anything really. After a bit she just got bored and left, thanks for the update Leanna.

December 23/24 - Merry Christmas! At the appointed time tonight a buncha warriors were running around looking for a man and had us all frantically searching too. Eventually we ran into Vania and took her to an inn where she performed a lovley story/song and afterwards a tree appeared with acorns full of gifts: snowflake charms, ribbons, etc. After she left we heard that the man they were looking for was at the palace and high-tailed it there. Who else should we find on the 3rd floor but that jolly old toymaker Senticles himself. Well after a lot of eating, mostly on his part, and shopping in the various shops: wooden toys and jewelery and snowglobes and chocolates; everything settled down for a while until the palace garden was swarmed with kittens and birds and a little mouse. While we were sitting there trying to protect the mouse, who should show up again but Vania, she gave us all pails and spades and toy lions and lambs and sang us songs for dinars, was a great time had by all.

Well, Pae decided to dig for Sasebo or find China trying so we went to Fedmire's tent and dug and dug and dug. After a while we heard some grumbling coming from under the floor and then the dark mist that appeared before Sasbeo and Fedmire disappeared appeared in the room. Well, that didn't scare us off so something started throwing Fireballs at us hitting me, Agrimony, and Vaftel…but did that stop us? Nope! So they sent a buncha tiny red spiders after us , locked us in, and threw more fireballs and after killing Oregano, Dordie, Llorien, Emrys, Melodone, Sabin, Sunder, and Agrimony we felt all was lost with just Pae, Lycanus, Vaftel, Sind, and I but we kept drinking elixers and draughts and kept going until Bonk came to save the day! With him armlocking the beasties, Pae was cutting em down like nobody's business, and when Sabin and Oregano got back feom Hades… it may as well have been over! We were victorious! Even after the dark voice swore we would never get out alive, after the spiders were dead the curtain opened and we grabbed our hole and ran. (And people say combat is boring, hah!)

Seems the folks that died heard all sorts of yelps and curses while they were trudging through Tartarus. Then a little serpent started to stalk them through the underworld and when they got to the pit that let them out to their freedom the slender serpent decided to attack and was quickly vanquished prompting a howl of rage from somewhere in the cave.

Oh yeah, we also have a new area past that boulder outside the eastern gates of Athens. It's full of cutthroats and robbers and bandits, be careful of that gorge though, I hear you can find yourself stuck in it if you're not too quick on your feet.

December 22 - Discord popped into her temple early this morning, seemingly in response to a bit of umm…"redecorating" I was doing. It became obvious that she didn't see what I did though cuz she didn't zap me until later. She told us she knew where Fedmire and Sasebo were and that some spirit that can change it's shape (it prefers the form of spiders) has them. She gave me a vision of Fedmire "You see the vision of Fedmire. He is strapped down to a table. There is blood dripping off him onto the ground forming little puddles." and then gave Seyton one of Sabseo "You see a vision of Sasebo chained down to the ground. There are candles lite around the room and all along her body. She is dressed in a ceremonial robe."

After a bit more chatting Discord tired of my insolent babbling and silenced me then asked me to tell a story so I started writing it on her shrine's walls, needless to say she wasn't too happy with that and it ended in me being turned to ashes. She apparently wants Fedmire and Sasebo saved, but for her own purposes, she says Fedmire has something she wants and he knows something he shouldn't. She also told us that she was basically frightened of this spirit and that she wouldn't go up against it and that we better have plenty of people with us when we try to. She also says that we won't be able to try and save them until "It" wants us to and that it could be weeks from now until we're allowed to.

December 20 - Seems folks heard Sasebo asking for help from under the floor of Fedmire's tent today but they could find no way to help her. She told them there was an entrance to wherever she was somewhere in the tent and that there was some sort of elaborate pulley system in the room she was in that she couldn't get to work that might open the way in for us. Apparently she thinks Fedmire is down with her somewhere but hasn't seen him. After a while she said that "they" were coming up the stairs to get her and she fell silent. Soon after giant spiders attacked everyone while a giant black spider with glowing red eyes watched the goings ons intently from the web in the tent. They searched all about and found some dark staircase, but it didn't allow anyone to peer into it or go through it so who knows.

Sasebo's voice was also heard later that night. she said she still hadn't found Fedmire but found his pouch so we have to assume he is stuck down there with her. She also said that, along with spiders, she has seen a shadowy figure that is defenitely not human (I guess that means not centaur or giant too but who can say for sure). After searching a bit a lever was found but there was no way to activate it and soon after a voice told them to "LEAVE NOW!" which they of course didn't. So, I suppose as a way of trying to convince them to go, a buncha giant red spiders attacked killing a few folks, thanks for the news yet again Vaftel.

December 17 - Discord showed up tonight while Vaftel was in her temple trying to help a young storyteller break an intimate bond. After the insuults stopped flying and after Discord offered to kill the man that had wronged the young bard Vaftel managed to find out she has no idea where Fedmire and Sasebo are, only that this "spirit" has them. She wouldn't tell him who the spirit is but did say that it was evil, but if it seems evil to Discord…then it's eaither really really bad or is so good that SHE considers it evil. After saying she wanted to find the pair and make them her slaves she popped off as gods often do.

December 16 - Sasebo showed up tonight in the Olive and Ouzo and we set off to look for Fedmire. When we headed toward his tent we ran into dozens of giant spiders, red, black, you name it. This time, however, none of us died and Sasebo stuck with us. After clearing them we found Fatimisha by the gates to the castle and convinced her/him to try and get the ring from the spider's web. Well as he grabbed it he became really excited and tossed it into the air accidentally and who should catch it but Discord. After some taunts we saw a flash of light and Discord revealed herself saying that her chicken problem was finally fixed. Well, after trying to trade us the ring for the rose, some more threats and taunts and a fried Melodone, the bluebird flew in and somehow caused Discord to drop the ring and Fedmire snatched it up! Well, he ran off and of course everyone followed and we eventually all ended back up in the tent where he put the ring on and he flashed white and this black spirit stuff came floating out of him. At any rate it seems we have our old Fedmire back!

Sasebo disappeared during all this mess and we finally found her an hour later in Fedmire's tent. After hugs and all that Fedmire noticed that Sasebo was not herself. He said the Sasebo he knows doesn't drink or hunt or anything that the one we know has been doing. After a few minutes a dark haze covered the room, wispy black tendrils swirled around her and then before anyone could do anything, the floor opened up and swallowed her. Seems she is somehow under the ground because there were scratches and screams heard in the tent later. Then later when we tried to help her by getting information from the bluebird, Fedmire too was surrounded by black tendrils and drawn up into the air where he disappeared.

December 15 - Fedmire showed up to the gate tonight and folks tried to get him to his tent to recover the ring from the spider's web when a horde of giant spiders attacked them on the footbridge killing nearly everybody. After escaping from Hades Fedmire ran off to rest but the rest of the group headed back to check the tent, along the way they were attacked yet again by more giant spiders and all killed except Melodone who managed to defeat them with the help of the bluebird who was throwing fireballs at the spiders. Fedmire came back to the gate later but wouldn't head back toward his tent, and when Melodone tried to hand him the rose he passed out and the bluebird carried him away.

We can gamble now! Check out the new game in Eureka's Gaming Hall, east and northeast of the alchemist in NW Quad, it's very similair to Poker, quite a lot of fun and easy to learn. With a little luck you can turn your meager savings into a bundle of cash! Check for a guide on my site on it soon.

December 14 - Seems Sasebo showed up yet again at the Oblivi where she and the group of folks there were attacked by red and black giant spiders and she bolted. They found her later in Fedmire's old tent down by the castle where they put her under hypnosis and questioned her until she passed out from the stress. They found out that Fedmire was in a dungeon we could get to through some tunnel, that he had hidden the ring, and that the ring gives folks godly powers if they wear it with a drawback which she of course forgot. Seems a spirit that is scared of the ring's power also wants to get it away from Fedmire, and everyone else for that matter, and this spirit is NOT Discord. Then the little blue bird showed up and told them it knew where Fedmire was but wouldn't show them the way. After all this mess Discord spoke up and told them she had heard everything and was quite mad they couldn't find out where Fedmire was so she sent more spiders after them. After she left Vaftel spotted the black diamond ring in the spider's web in the tent, but seems only Fedmire can pick it up. Thanks once again Vaftel.

December 13 - Sasebo was found again killing "bags of bones" in the graveyard and was immediately swept off to a tavern to spend all her treasure on alcohol. Nothing too much happened until Fedmire/Fatimisha showed up and after a bit of dancing they decided to ask him a bit about what was going on with Sasebo. He said he knew nothing of the black diamond ring, nothing of the perfect rose, and claimed to having never seen Melodone in his life along with loving to swim which we all know Fedmire truly despises. He also told us all the same information about his childhood as Sasebo had, right down to her dog Morticus. Seems he thinks he IS Sasebo for some reason, there's no telling why or how. Thanks Vaftel.

The URS is hosting a comedy night in Eleusis on Saturday, December 18th at 9pm EST. Prizes of a scarab and a fishing pole will awarded for the best H&X themed knock-knock joke. Complementary ale will be served for all. It will be held at Pae's Domicile in Eleusis. Directions from the gate are: west, west, west, arch, east, southeast, northeast and go into Pae's domicile. So if you think your funny come and show off your stuff.

December 12 - Sitara did a wonderful job on the paintings tonight as well as Raven who did stupendous work as usually on our lockets and frames. After Sitara packed up her canvases and closed up shop Sasebo showed up at the Graveyard and was unceremoniously drug to a tavern but a huge group of folks and barraged with questions. She told us a little about Fedmire being stuck in a castle before running off quite upset and wanting a ring from her. Well, a few minutes later a couple of us found Sasebo and sat and had a nice quiet chat with her, no demanding answers to questions and such, just talking when thunder started booming over Athens. So we decided to high-tail it to somewhere "safe" (my house) and locked ourselves in nice and tight when who should pop in but our friend Discord.

Discord threatened us, threatened Sasebo, had the nerve to say my stories were dull!, and all around made herself at home. Until, that is, she got bored with us and scared Sasebo so badly that she ran out of the house, nearly taking the door with her, next thing we know Sasebo is dead and Discord is back gloating. So we run off to die and help Sasebo when Discord shows up in thieves and zaps all the critters that attack us or make them disappear. Then we traded insults and threats a bit more, she silenced me, paralyzed Derexal, and then she was gone so we headed back to town. Back in town we were attacked by a giant spider at the gates followed by a bright yellow chicken that wobbled through the room.

Later Sasebo came back and Vaftel ran to her rescue from Hades. She said she was going sober and having weird visions and pains in her heart, that she has had a hangover before and that this wasn't one. She said one of her visions was of the road she found Fedmire on but that was all she could remember since she was quickly working her way farther from sober and back to smashed. Later we decided to try and hypnotize her, so Derexal in all his priestly wisdom set to it. While under the trance she told us of how she got the note from Fedmire's blue bird, why she decided to come to Athens, about all her visits with Discord, and about when Fedmire gave her the ring he asked for in the note. It seems it is a black diamond ring that he said was full of dangerous magic that he gave her when they were children and she kept buried until she came to Athens to search for him. She went on to say that she gave the ring to Fedmire as he had asked her to do, perhaps this is the bigger reason that Discord is after him and not so much Melodone's rose. Just as we were bringing her out of it we all saw large spiders crawling all over her, apparently she didn't because she didn't run around the room screaming or anything, but we brought her out anyway for fear Discord might have been listening in.

December 11 - Borris showed up at the gate tonight babbling about rafting his way out of Hades after his own army killed him while he was training them. Seems someone is looking for him because they sent prowlers, bullies, raiders, and fighter to find Borris. A few of which killed some of us while Borris hid from them while we tried our best to protect him. We decided to take Borris our for an ale when a loud voice boomed, "Borris! Where you going?" After we got to the tavern a hidden prowler stabbed Borris and killed him after which we all died to run and help him. Well, we decided to take the new route out of Hades on the raft, it's quite fun but pretty hard, so be sure you got plenty of time on your hands. When we got out Collin was attacking at the gate blaming us for killing Borris, but we explained it to him and he left.

December 10 - Seems that Sasebo showed up at the gate tonight looking for Fedmire and was zapped immediately by Discord. A bit later folks found Fedmire near his old flea market dressed up as a woman and calling himself Fatishima ardently denying that he was Fedmire. The blue bird that watches over Fedmire also showed up later in the gatehouse, seems it was answering yes and no questions from folks and they managed to gather that there is information we should know in a note Fedmire sent to Sasebo before he went loony and that it has nothing to do with Discord. Thanks again Vaftel :).

December 9 - Folks at the gate tonight were afflicted with apparent curses from Hades without even having visited his domain in weeks. There were folks breaking out in blemishes, warts, even had someone who's hair started out. We have no idea who or what may be causing all of this or why the people who got the curses were targeted. Let's just hope the priests get those spells to help cure the hair loss and warts pretty soon so they need not suffer too long.

December 5 - The Fishing Tournament was today and was a huge success. Congratulations to all who participated and especially to our winners…
1st - Rampion
2nd - Beldin
3rd - Gabit
Largest Fish - Beldin

But not even not winning the Fishing Tournament can keep Vaftel out of the news. Seems for some odd reason he was running around turning over rocks, maybe he was looking for that fishing pole he lost, hehe, when he turned one over in the Orchard and found a tiny piece of parchment with some writing on it. The parchment read, "…cules. You will find it beneath a bush near the h…". As a result bushes all over Athens are cowering with fear as brave adventurers go searching through their foliage for the gods know what.

Some thieves and fighters also showed up and attacked the gate tonight with poisoned blades. They were demanding our "loot" but were soon gotten rid of. I doubt this has any connection to the parchment, but who knows…this could have something to do with that cute bunny we saw in Hades all those months ago, there's no telling.

December 4 - Seems Vaftel was hunting serpents tonight when the serpents started snickering at him. When he killed one and tried to skin it a buncha tiny spiders crawled out of it and I guess they ran and got their friends because a slew of giant spiders attacked him seconds later. After defeating one of the huge arachnids Discord showed up and asked him "politely", hehe, to make Melodone give up her rose. When they were done with their little chat Vaftel headed back to Athens where he met a girl named Sasebo claiming to be Fedmire's friend and looking for him, Sasebo claims a "nasty woman" wearing black leather questioned her about Fedmire in a bar so she's running around trying to warn him.

December 3 - Xena, Gabrielle,and Joxer seem to be in town. Maybe folks are just seeing things or misinterpreting what they saw, but who else could it be? Sightings such as the few examples following were seen throughout Athens…. (Thanks again Vaftel ) Seems Dearcy also spotted what has to be Salmoneus and Hercules walking by. Some bumbling warlords were also spotted looking for Xena and Captain Nebula was running around with a group of pirates.

A group of young warriors march by, their voices raised in unison as they sing out the words, "Joxer the Mighty! Roams through the countryside…" A man at the back of the company pumps his arm in time to music, counting out the beat, and managing to fall behind the group in the process.

Waving his arms over his head he yelps, "Hey guys, wait up!" and breaks into a jog, causing his mismatched armor to clatter in a noisy, off-beat rhythm as he hurries to catch up.

From the edge of your vision you catch a glimpse of a tall woman striding by. She is followed by a smaller blonde woman who appears to be having some trouble keeping up. Suddenly, the blonde rams the tip of the staff she is carrying into the ground and pole vaults herself in front of the tall woman. She calls back a triumphant "Hah!" over her shoulder as the two of them disappear into the crowds.

You see two men, one taller and one shorter walk past you. The shorter of the two is holding what appears to be a figurine of the taller one. They are having quite an animated conversation.

December 2 - It seems that spiders started attacking folks again this morning, both crawling in hair, biting, and as giant spiders. After a few waves of these the voice came back to demand the rose Fedmire had given to Melodone. Seems I found her out once though because she told them that "Zade" had told them her name, woohoo! Of course I said she was everything from Hera to Arachne but that's another story. After the voice left, a bunch more spiders came and managed to take out Melodone who was followed into Hades by the shadowy voice who we now know as Discord. Agrimony, Sunder, and Vaftel went to Tiamat to try and get themselves killed via a few useful brigands but Discord started striking down the brigands to keep them from dying, I think Discord got a little carried away because she accidentally hit Vaftel with one too, soon after which Sunder and Agrimony managed to get themselves beat up enough to join him. Melodone refused to give the rose up until she had proof Fedmire was ok which Discord couldn't produce, saying that she had no idea where Fedmire even was. Thanks to Vaftel for the scoop, hehe.

Raven also came late this afternoon and altered some of us some very beautiful bracelets, quite impressive if I may say so myself. And no sooner had she left than folks got wind of a new shop in the SE Quadrant. It is 4 north, 4 west, and 2 south of the Tanner in SE Quadrant, seems to be a centaur shop called "Gimwick's Tacky Fashions". Since nothing really looks too tacky I take it that the name of the shop is just a clever pun. Check my SE Quadrant Price List to see what they've got.

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